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Adam Adamant Lives! tells the story of an Edwardian adventurer who woke up in the nineteen Sixties, having been frozen in a block of ice by his nemesis, The Face. The show shows Gerald Harper as the dashing adventurer, thwarting evil while minding his manners...

Season 1
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Adam Adamant Lives! pilot (unaired) - Missing except for section reused in S01E01
A Vintage Year For Scoundrels 23/06/1966 Exists
Death Has a Thousand Faces... 30/06/1966 Exists
More Deadly Than the Sword 07/07/1966 Exists
The Sweet Smell of Success 14/07/1966 Exists
Allah Is Not Always With You 21/07/1966 Exists
The Terribly Happy Embalmers 04/08/1966 Exists
To Set A Deadly Fashion 11/08/1966 Exists
The Last Sacrifice 18/08/1966 Exists
Sing a Song of Murder 25/08/1966 Exists
The Doomsday Plan 01/09/1966 Exists
Death By Appointment Only 08/09/1966 Exists
Beauty Is an Ugly Word 15/09/1966 Exists
The League of Uncharitable Ladies 22/09/1966 Exists
Ticket to Terror 29/09/1966 Missing
The Village of Evil 06/10/1966 Exists
D For Destruction 13/10/1966 Exists

Season 2
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
A Slight Case of Reincarnation 31/12/1966 Missing
Black Echo 07/01/1967 Exists
Conspiracy of Death 14/01/1967 Missing
The Basardi Affair 21/01/1967 Missing1
The Survivors 28/01/1967 Missing
Face In a Mirror 04/02/1967 Missing
Another Little Drink 11/02/1967 Missing
Death Begins at Seventy 18/02/1967 Missing
Tunnel of Death 25/02/1967 Missing
The Deadly Bullet 04/03/1967 Missing
The Resurrectionists 11/03/1967 Missing
Wish You Were Here 18/03/1967 Missing
A Sinister Sort of Service 25/03/1967 Exists

1. A complete copy of the audio exists.

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