The British TV Missing Episodes Index

Activity Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Outsider08/07/1956Missing
The Handshake12/08/1956Missing
Bid For Fame12/08/1956Missing
Tears In The Wind16/09/1956Missing
Flash Point23/09/1956Missing
Black Limelight30/09/1956Missing
The Hollow Crown07/10/1956Missing
It's An Ill Wind14/10/1956Missing
The Mother28/10/1956Missing
The Common Man11/11/1956Missing
The Right Thing25/11/1956Missing
The Face Of A Stranger02/12/1956Missing
The Same Sky09/12/1956Missing
Three O'Clock Deadline16/12/1956Missing
The Great Healer16/12/1956Missing
Miss Julie23/12/1956Missing
Ring Out The Old30/12/1956Missing
Michael And Mary13/01/1957Missing
The Necklace20/01/1957Missing
The Last Flight27/01/1957Missing
If This Be Treason10/02/1957Missing
The King Of Iceland17/02/1957Missing
The Witness24/02/1957Missing
This Was A Woman10/03/1957Missing
The Cask Of Amontillado17/03/1957Missing
Catch A Falling Star24/03/1957Missing
Hilda Morgan07/04/1957Missing
The Constant Stranger14/04/1957Missing
The Heiress05/05/1957Missing
Rappaport Always Pays12/05/1957Missing
Dear Murderer02/06/1957Missing
Escape To Happiness09/06/1957Missing
Start From Scratch16/06/1957Missing
It Pays To Advertise30/06/1957Missing
The Whiteheaded Boy14/07/1957Missing
While Parents Sleep28/07/1957Missing
Bed, Board And Romance11/08/1957Missing
The Women Have Their Way25/08/1957Missing
Off The Deep End08/09/1957Missing
Policy For Love29/09/1957Missing
The Pier06/10/1957Missing
An Inch From The Heart13/10/1957Missing
Trial By Candlelight20/10/1957Missing
Ann Veronica27/10/1957Missing
The Last Mile03/11/1957Missing
The Great City10/11/1957Missing
Man In A Moon17/11/1957Missing
The Mortimer Touch08/12/1957Missing
The Dividing Line15/12/1957Missing
Panther 14026/12/1957Missing
The Shining Hour05/01/1958Missing
Man In The Corner12/01/1958Missing
The Master Builder19/01/1958Missing
Tragedy In A Temporary Town26/01/1958Missing
Night Of The Ding-Dong02/02/1958Missing
The Five Dollar Bill09/02/1958Missing
A Gust Of Wind23/02/1958Missing
Murder Story02/03/1958Missing
The One Who Came Back16/03/1958Missing
A Man's Woman23/03/1958Missing
Miss Olive06/04/1958Missing
The Rat Wife20/04/1958Missing
Fifty Fifty27/04/1958Missing
The Hanging Judge11/05/1958Missing
Paid in Full18/05/1958Missing
No Flags For Geebang08/06/1958Missing
The House Of Bernarda Alba22/06/1958Missing
Wings Of The Wind29/06/1958Missing
Noon On Doomsday06/07/1958Missing
The Sins Of Simone13/07/1958Missing
The Woman In Question20/07/1958Missing
The Pillars Of Midnight14/09/1958Missing
The Web Of Lace21/09/1958Missing
The Franchise Affair28/09/1958Missing
Murder In Slow Motion05/10/1958Missing
The Time Of Your Life19/10/1958Missing
The Witching Hour02/11/1958Missing
Please Murder Me16/11/1958Missing
Boy With The Meat Axe23/11/1958Missing
The Report On Jessie Dean07/12/1958Missing
Dangerous Word14/12/1958Missing
The Deaf Heart21/12/1958Missing
The Sentry04/01/1959Missing
The Break11/01/1959Missing
Ernie Barger Is 5008/02/1959Missing
The Thug15/02/1959Missing
To Ride A Tiger22/02/1959Missing
The Fabulous Money Maker01/03/1959Missing
No Gun, No Guilt15/03/1959Missing
Strange Meeting22/03/1959Missing
Star In The Summer Night29/03/1959Missing
The Angry Flower05/04/1959Missing
The Trouble With Benny12/04/1959Missing
The Shadow Of The Ruthless26/04/1959Missing
Hand In Glove03/05/1959Missing
Till Death Do Us Part10/05/1959Missing
The Big Client17/05/1959Missing
Girl On The Beach24/05/1959Missing
Wedding Day31/05/1959Missing
My Guess Would Be Murder07/06/1959Missing
The Devil's Instrument14/06/1959Missing
The Model Marriage21/06/1959Missing
Guest Appearance28/06/1959Missing
My Lost Saints05/07/1959Missing
If You Loved Me12/07/1959Missing
The Grandma Bandit19/07/1959Missing
A House Of His Own26/07/1959Missing
The Garden Party02/08/1959Missing
Black Laughter23/08/1959Missing
Double Exit23/08/1959Missing
Invitation To Murder30/08/1959Missing
Young David06/09/1959Missing
Light From A Star04/10/1959Missing
No Tram To Lime Street18/10/1959Missing
A Trick Of The Sun25/10/1959Missing
A Shilling For The Evil Day01/11/1959Missing
Suspicious Mind22/11/1959Missing
The Rebel And The Soldier29/11/1959Missing
Roast Goose And Walnut Stuffing13/12/1959Missing
The Golden Horn20/12/1959Missing
The Last Tycoon27/12/1959Missing
Fifth Floor People24/01/1960Missing
Cold Fury31/01/1960Missing
Night Panic07/02/1960Missing
Come In Razor Red14/02/1960Missing
Guardian Angel21/02/1960Missing
Pink String And Sealing Wax28/02/1960Missing
China Doll06/03/1960Missing
Some Talk Of Alexander13/03/1960Missing
The Girl In The Market Square20/03/1960Missing
Roman Gesture27/03/1960Missing
The Leather Jungle10/04/1960Missing
Hold My Hand, Soldier17/04/1960Missing
A Phone Call For Matthew Quade01/05/1960Missing
The Innocent08/05/1960Missing
Nest Of Four15/05/1960Missing
On The Spot29/05/1960Missing
Big Brain Man11/09/1960Missing
A Heart And A Diamond18/09/1960Missing
Pig's Ear With Flowers02/10/1960Missing
Thunder On The Snowy09/10/1960Missing
Siege At Killyfaddy16/10/1960Missing
The Cake Baker06/11/1960Missing
Hail The Conquering Hero13/11/1960Missing
The Stranger20/11/1960Missing
Mister Nobody27/11/1960Missing
Clip Joint People04/12/1960Missing
The Great Gold Bullion Robbery25/12/1960Missing
A Headful Of Crocodiles01/01/1961Missing
Till The Day I Die08/01/1961Missing
The Mystery Of Martin Wheeler15/01/1961Missing
The Picture Of Dorian Gray22/01/1961Missing
A Degree Of Murder05/02/1961Missing
Strangers In The Room12/02/1961Missing
The Money Makers19/02/1961Missing
The Conscientious Gauger26/03/1961Missing
The Hero23/04/1961Missing
No Licence For Singing21/05/1961Missing
Man On The Mountaintop04/06/1961Missing
Duel For Love18/06/1961Missing
The Truth About Helen16/07/1961Missing
The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz30/07/1961Missing
The Typists13/08/1961Missing
The Night Of The Apes27/08/1961Missing
Looking For Frankie24/09/1961Missing
His Polyvinyl Girl22/10/1961Missing
Roll On Bloomin' Death05/11/1961Missing
Murder Club03/12/1961Missing
The Rank And File31/12/1961Missing
Girl In A Birdcage13/05/1962Missing
Night Stop27/05/1962Missing
The Irish Boys10/06/1962Missing
Dumb Martian24/06/1962Missing
North City Traffic Straight Ahead22/07/1962Missing
The Sin Shifter16/09/1962Missing
Dead Letter14/10/1962Missing
Thank You And Goodnight11/11/1962Missing
The Cruel Kind17/03/1963Missing
Power And Glory14/04/1963Missing
Jungle Juice12/05/1963Missing
The Wednesday Caller26/05/1963Missing
A Kind Of Kingdom01/09/1963Missing
Mr/ Big29/09/1963Missing
The Pretty English Girls16/02/1964Missing
Realm Of Error01/03/1964Missing
Always Ask For The Best15/03/1964Missing
Mug's Game29/03/1964Missing
Cradle Song12/04/1964Missing
A Jug Of Bread17/05/1964Missing
St/ Ernie Leatherbound24/05/1964Missing
Exit Joe - Running (incomplete)14/06/1964Incomplete
A Certain Kind Of Silence28/06/1964Missing
Something To Declare04/10/1964Missing
Old Soldiers18/10/1964Missing
They Throw It At You25/10/1964Missing
The Girl In The Picture29/11/1964Missing
The Gaming Book10/01/1965Missing
Putty Medal21/02/1965Missing
The Keys Of The Cafe07/03/1965Missing
A Voice In The Sky21/03/1965Missing
I Loved You Last Summer04/04/1965Missing
The Incident25/04/1965Missing
The Sweet War Man01/01/1966Missing
Ready For The Glory08/01/1966Missing
The Battersea Miracle26/03/1966Missing
Daughter Of The House16/04/1966Missing
The Wager30/07/1966Missing
Great Big Blonde13/08/1966Missing
A Fair Swap20/08/1966Missing
The Signal Box Of Grandpa Hudson27/08/1966Missing
The Tilted Screen01/10/1966Missing
The Three-Barrelled Shotgun08/10/1966Missing
The Long Nightmare15/10/1966Missing
Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width18/02/1967Missing
The Happy Sacking11/03/1967Missing
The Exploding Azalea18/03/1967Missing
Any Number Can Play25/03/1967Missing
A World Of Time01/04/1967Missing
Slight Formality08/07/1967Missing
Quite An Ordinary Knife15/07/1967Missing
Another Branch Of The Family22/07/1967Missing
Nursery Tale12/08/1967Missing
Marriage And Henry Sunday19/08/1967Missing
The Girl26/08/1967Missing
Don't Forget The Basics16/09/1967Missing
A Second Look24/02/1968Missing
The Contact02/03/1968Missing
Unscheduled Stop16/03/1968Missing
No Easy Walk04/05/1968Missing
The Escape Club11/05/1968Missing
Home Movies18/05/1968Missing
You And Me25/05/1968Missing
The Glove Puppet01/06/1968Missing
The Three Wives Of Felix Hull08/06/1968Missing
One Night I Danced With Mr/ Dalton15/06/1968Missing
The Ballad Of The Artificial Mash27/07/1968Missing
The Frobisher Game06/01/1969Missing
A Foot In The Door13/01/1969Missing
What's A Mother For?20/01/1969Missing
The Mandarins27/01/1969Missing
Go On - It'll Do You Good03/02/1969Missing
The Good Son10/02/1969Missing
The Brophy Story17/02/1969Missing
The Story-Teller03/03/1969Missing
On Vacation10/03/1969Missing

The following episodes are missing, but are believed never to have been recorded:
Duet For One Voice
This Time Tomorrow
The Burford Incident
To Kill The King

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