The British TV Missing Episodes Index

  AVENGERS [ABC, 1960-69]
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Hot Snow 07/01/1961 Incomplete [First 22 minutes only]
Brought To Book 14/01/1961 Missing
Square Root Of Evil 21/01/1961 Missing
Nightmare 28/01/1961 Missing
Crescent Moon 04/02/1961 Missing
Girl On The Trapeze 11/02/1961 Exists
Diamond Cut Diamond 18/02/1961 Missing
The Radioactive Man 25/02/1961 Missing
Ashes Of Roses 04/03/1961 Missing
Hunt The Man Down 18/03/1961 Missing
Please Don't Feed The Animals 01/04/1961 Missing
Dance With Death 15/04/1961 Missing
One For The Mortuary 29/04/1961 Missing
The Springers 13/05/1961 Missing
The Frighteners 27/05/1961 Exists
The Yellow Needle 10/06/1961 Missing
Death On the Slipway 24/06/1961 Missing
Double Danger 08/07/1961 Missing
Toy Trap 22/07/1961 Missing
The Tunnel Of Fear 05/08/1961 Exists
The Far Distant Dead 19/08/1961 Missing
Kill The King 02/09/1961 Missing
Dead Of Winter 09/09/1961 Missing
The Deadly Air 16/09/1961 Missing
A Change Of Bait 23/09/1961 Missing
Dragonsfield 30/09/1961 Missing

All other episodes of The Avengers exist in the archives.

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