The British TV Missing Episodes Index

  BOYD Q.C [Associated Redifussion, 1956-64]

Season 1
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Her Father's Daughter 24/11/1956 Missing
The Greenstreet Girl 31/12/56 Missing
The Case Of Casanova Jones 07/01/1957 Missing
The Ordinary Looking Man 14/01/1957 Missing
The Final Night Alibi 21/01/1957 Missing
The Light Tackle Job 28/01/1957 Missing
The 10,000 Washout 04/02/1957 Missing
The Open And Shut Case 11/02/1957 Exists
Both Sides Of The Story 18/02/1957 Missing
The Light That Was Dark 25/02/1957 Missing
Hit And Run 04/03/1957 Missing
The Key Of The Door 11/03/1957 Missing
At The Third Stroke 18/03/19571 Missing

Season 2
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Up And Coming Man 09/04/1958 Missing
Mustapha, King Of Reefers 16/04/1958 Missing
The Shropshire Lass 23/04/1958 Missing
The Balance Of Her Mind 30/04/1958 Missing
The Not So Civil Service 07/05/1958 Missing
Two Wrongs 14/05/1958 Missing
The Other Half 21/05/1958 Missing
Sulbaltern Red 28/05/1958 Missing
A Question Of Type 04/06/1958 Missing
The Last Train Home 12/06/1958 Missing
The 12,000 'Fiddle' 18/06/1958 Missing
The Family Affair 25/06/1958 Missing

Season 3
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
A Couple Of Macs 30/12/1958 Missing
Nylon Spells Murder 06/01/1959 Missing
Old Tom 13/01/1959 Missing
A Question Of Talking Turkey 20/01/1959 Missing
Cheap Ticket 27/01/1959 Missing
Confession Of Murder 03/02/1959 Missing
An Inside Job 10/02/1959 Missing
The Samurai Killing 17/02/1959 Missing
In Camera 24/02/1959 Exists
Escape 03/03/1959 Missing
Rope's End 10/03/1959 Missing
The Crooked Path 17/03/1959 Missing
In A Manner Dangerous 24/03/1959 Missing
Flat To Let 31/03/1959 Missing
Matrimony Wanted 07/04/1959 Missing
Wanted 14/04/1959 Missing

Season 4
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
A Case Of M'Shimba 29/06/1960 Incomplete [missing four minutes]
Hell Hath No Fury 06/07/1960 Missing
One For The Road 20/07/1960 Missing
Jellied Eels, They're Luv'ly 27/07/1960 Exists
The Decoy Chick 03/08/1960 Missing
Uncle George 10/08/1960 Missing
Fiddlers Two 17/08/1960 Missing
The Little Man 24/08/1960 Missing
New Lamps For Old 31/08/1960 Missing
The Time Of Day 07/09/1960 Missing
The Dog With The Bad Name 14/09/1960 Missing
Ada's Daughter 21/09/1960 Missing

Season 5
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Needle Match 24/05/1961 Missing
The Old Flame 31/05/1961 Missing
Treasure Trove 07/06/1961 Incomplete [10 minute extract survives]
Out Of The Frying Pan 14/06/1961 Missing
Family Business 21/06/1961 Missing
Messing About In Boats 29/06/1961 Missing
Findings Keepings 06/07/1961 Missing
The Runabout 13/07/1961 Missing
Sunday's Child 20/07/1961 Missing
Roast Chicken 27/07/1961 Missing
Death On Two 03/08/1961 Missing
The Headmistress 10/08/1961 Missing
The Season of the Year 17/08/1961 Missing

Season 6
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Hurricane 12/12/1963 Exists
A Conspiracy Of Silence 19/12/1963 Missing
Parlez Vous 02/01/1964 Incomplete [10 minute extract survives]
What The Eye Doesn't See 09/01/1964 Exists
Square Peg 16/01/1964 Missing
The Fourteen Hundred Dollar Question 23/01/1964 Missing
Thread Of Evidence 06/02/1964 Missing
A Little Learning 13/02/1964 Missing
Pictures Of Fire 20/02/1964 Missing
By Gas - That's Murder 27/02/1964 Incomplete [missing seven minutes]
End Of Term 05/03/1964 Missing

Season 7
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Reluctant Prosecutor 16/09/1964 Missing
The Case of the Lazy Eye 23/09/1964 Incomplete [extract only]

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