The British TV Missing Episodes Index

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
King's Gambit 08/09/1969 Exists
Joker One 15/09/1969 Exists
On Ice 22/09/1969 Exists
Nocturne 29/09/1969 Exists
Monolith 06/10/1969 Missing
Out of Mind - Missing
The Lemming Syndrome 20/10/1969 Missing
Backlash 27/10/1969 Missing
All That Glisters 03/11/1969 Missing
Monday the Mutant 10/11/1969 Missing

"Out of Mind", originally scheduled for broadcast on 13/10/1969, was dropped from the schedules and was never rescheduled. Subsequently, the episode was destroyed during the BBC's archive purge and thus has never been broadcast.

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