The British TV Missing Episodes Index

  DAD'S ARMY [BBC TV, 1968-77]
Season 1

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Man and the Hour 31/07/1968 Exists
Museum Piece 07/08/1968 Exists
Command Decision 14/08/1968 Exists
The Enemy Within the Gates 28/08/1968 Exists
The Showing Up of Corporal Jones 04/09/1968 Exists
Shooting Pains 11/09/1968 Exists

Season 2

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Operation Kilt 01/03/1969 Exists
The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage 08/03/1969 Exists
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker 15/03/1969 Missing
Sgt. Wilson's Little Secret 22/03/1969 Exists
A Stripe for Frazer 29/03/1969 Incomplete (audio only)
Under Fire 05/04/1969 Missing

Season 3

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones 11/09/1969 Exists
Battle School 18/09/1969 Exists
The Lion Has Phones 25/09/1969 Exists
The Bullet is Not for Firing 02/10/1969 Exists
Something Nasty in the Vault 09/10/1969 Exists
Room at the Bottom1 16/10/1969 Exists
Big Guns 23/10/1969 Exists
The Day the Balloon Went Up 30/10/1969 Exists
War Dance 06/11/1969 Exists
Menace from the Deep 13/11/1969 Exists
Branded 20/11/1969 Exists
Man Hunt 27/11/1969 Exists
No Spring for Frazer 04/12/1969 Exists
Sons of the Sea 11/12/1969 Exists

Seasons 4-9

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Seasons 4-9 - Exists


1 - 'Room at the the Bottom' was the first programme to be recolourised using James Insell's chroma dots method

2- One of the completely missing episodes from Season 2 - 'A Stripe for Fraser' - survives as an off-air audio recording and has been combined with new animation to complete the story

Also missing are two segments from the annual variety show
"A Christmas Night with the Stars".

25/12/1968 - Christmas Night With The Stars segment (survives as an off-air audio recording)
25/12/1970 - The Cornish Floral Dance [an audio recording survives of this segment]

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