The British TV Missing Episodes Index

  DETECTIVE [BBC, 1964-69]

Season 1
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Gervase Fen, The Moving Toyshop 30/03/1964 Missing
Cluff, The Drawing 06/04/1964 Missing
Philip Trent, Trents Last Case 13/04/1964 Missing
Nigel Strangeways, End Of Chapter 20/04/1964 Exists
Sir Henry Merrivale, The Judas Window 27/04/1964 Missing
Martin Cotterell, Dishonoured Bones 04/05/1964 Exists
Inspector Rason, The Man Who Murdered In Public 11/05/1964 Missing
Sherlock Holmes, The Speckled Band 18/05/1964 Exists
Bob Race, The Night Of The Horns 25/05/1964 Exists
Det.Con.Bradfield, Subject! Murder 01/06/1964 Exists
Det.Chief Insp.Alleyn, Death In Ecstacy 08/06/1964 Exists
Sir John Appleby, A Connoisseur's Case 15/06/1964 Exists
Jasper Shrig, The Loring Mystery 22/06/1964 Exists
Eve Gill, The Hungry Spider 29/06/1964 Exists
Dr Thorndyke, The Case Of Oscar Brodski 06/07/1964 Exists
Nicky Mahoun, The Speaking EyE 13/07/1964 Exists
Jane And Dagobert Brown, Death Of A Fellow Traveller 20/07/1964 Exists
Father Brown, The Quick One 27/07/1964 Missing

Season 2
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Robert Carmichael, The Deadly Climate 17/05/1968 Missing
Det.Chief Insp.Dover, Dover And The Poison Pen Letter 24/05/1968 Exists
Inspector Rason, A Man And His Mother-in-law 31/05/1968 Exists
Inspector Appleby, Lesson In Anatomy 07/06/1968 ?
Nigel Strangeways, The Beast Must Die 14/06/1968 Exists
Roger Sheringham, The Avenging Chance 28/06/1968 Exists
Police Chief Fellows, Born Victim 05/07/1968 ?
Charles Russell, The Unquiet Sleep 07/07/1968 Exists
Jasper Shrig, The High Adventure 14/07/1968 Exists
Mr Montague Cork, Cork On The Water 21/07/1968 Exists
Albert Campion, The Case Of The Late Pig 28/07/1968 Exists
Eve Gill, The Golden Dart 04/08/1968 Exists
Detective Chief Inspector Dew, Crime Of Passion 11/08/1968 Missing
Inspector Alleyne, Artists In Crime 18/07/1968 Missing
Commissaire Bignon, Death On The Champs Elysees 25/08/1968 Exists
Auguste Dupin, The Murders In The Rue Morgue 01/09/1968 Missing

Season 3
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Police Chief Fellows, Prisoner's Plea 07/09/1969 Exists
Alan Grant, The Singing Sands 14/09/1969 Missing
Sir Luke Frinsby, The Public School Murder 21/09/1969 Missing
Miss Pye, Put Out The Light 28/09/1969 Missing
Ruth Kelstern, The Tea-Leaf 05/10/1969 Missing
Inspector Ghote, Hunt The Peacock 12/10/1969 Missing
Ian Firth And John Smith, "Elimination Round 19/10/1969 Missing
Sir Henry Merrivale, And So To Murder 26/10/1960 Missing
Commissaire Bignon, The Poisoners 02/11/1969 Missing
William Guppy, Mr. Guppy's Tale 09/11/1969 Missing

NOTES The extant episode "The Case Of Oscar Brodski" led to the series "Thorndyke", no episodes of which exist.

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