The British TV Missing Episodes Index

Series 1

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
P.C. Crawford's First Pinch 09/07/1955 Missing
Needle In A Haystack 16/07/1955 Missing
Night Beat 23/07/1955 Missing
The Dock Green Desperado 30/07/1955 Missing
Dixie 06/08/1955 Missing
London Pride 13/08/1955 Missing

Series 2

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Ladies Of The Manor 09/06/1956 Missing
The Hero 16/06/1956 Missing
Didey's Dollar 23/06/1956 Missing
The Little Gold Mine 30/06/1956 Missing
Eleven Plus 07/07/1956 Missing
The Gentle Scratcher 14/07/1956 Missing
Andy Steps Up 21/07/1956 Missing
On Mother Kelly's Doorstep 28/07/1956 Missing
Postman's Knock 04/08/1956 Exists
The Rotten Apple 11/08/1956 Exists
The Roaring Boy 18/08/1956 Exists
Pound of Flesh 25/08/1956 Exists
Father in Law 01/09/1956 Exists

Series 3

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Give A Dog A Good Name 12/01/1957 Missing
George And The Dragon 19/10/1957 Missing
No Place Like Home 26/01/1957 Missing
The Silent House 02/02/1957 Missing
The December Boy 09/02/1957 Missing
The Black Noah 16/02/1957 Missing
False Alarm 23/02/1957 Missing
The Canon's Gaiters 02/03/1957 Missing
Rock, Rattle And Roll 09/03/1957 Missing
The Name Is Macnamara 16/03/1957 Missing
The Gentle Scratcher* 23/03/1957 Missing
Silver Jubilee 30/03/1957 Missing

Series 4

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Presented In Court 07/09/1957 Missing
The Story Of Jimmy Mayo 14/09/1957 Missing
Notice To Quit 21/09/1957 Missing
A Woman Of Thirty-Eight 28/09/1957 Missing
The High Price Of Radishes 05/10/1957 Missing
A Slight Case Of Ham 12/10/1957 Missing
The Nelson Touch 19/10/1957 Missing
The Heel 26/10/1957 Missing
Fireworks 02/11/1957 Missing
Bosco And Bosco 16/11/1957 Missing
The New Skipper 23/11/1957 Missing
The Love Of Phil 30/11/1957 Missing
The Crooked Key 07/12/1957 Missing
A Penn'orth Of Allsorts 14/12/1957 Missing
Peace on Earth 21/12/1957 Missing
Goodwill To Men 28/12/1957 Missing
The Lady In Red 04/01/1958 Missing
Duffy's New Boots 11/12/1958 Missing
The Salvation Of Duffy 18/01/1958 Missing
A Little Bit Of French 25/01/1958 Missing
The Light Over The Window 01/02/1958 Missing
All Buttoned Up 08/02/1958 Missing
They Don't Like Policemen 15/02/1958 Missing
The Stargazer 22/02/1958 Missing
Little Boy Blue 01/03/1958 Missing
The Case Of Mrs X 08/03/1958 Missing
The Cats And The Fiddles 15/03/1958 Missing
All My Eye And Elbow 22/03/1958 Missing
The Key Of The Nick 29/03/58 Missing

Series 5

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
George Takes Whisky 27/09/1958 Missing
Tom Brown's Lady 04/10/1958 Missing
A Whiff of Garlic 11/10/1958 Missing
Third Time Lucky 18/10/1958 Missing
Bracelets for the Groom 25/10/1958 Missing
The Gent From Siberia 01/11/1958 Missing
The Case of the Stolen Dustbin 08/11/1958 Missing
Strangers At The Same Table 15/11/1958 Missing
A Little Bit of Luck 22/11/1958 Missing
A Whisper On The Road 29/11/1958 Missing
The Pyromaniac 06/12/1958 Missing
Genuine Yule Logs 13/12/1958 Missing
The Old Christmas Spirit 20/12/1958 Missing
Flint Rides Again 27/12/1958 Missing
Ride On A Tiger 03/01/1959 Missing
The Half-Wide Mug 10/01/1959 Missing
The Magic Eye 17/01/1959 Missing
The Slinger 24/01/1959 Missing
Trouble On Eight Beat 31/01/1959 Missing
Blues In The Night 07/02/1959 Missing
The Woman From Kimberley 14/02/1959 Missing
A Case For The Inland Revenue 21/02/1959 Missing
One For The Milkman 28/02/1959 Missing
The Whizz Gang 07/03/1959 Missing
Over And Out 14/03/1959 Missing
Duffy Calls The Tune 21/03/1959 Missing
Helmet on the Sideboard 28/03/1959 Missing

Series 6

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Bent Screw 12/09/1959 Missing
The Lodgers 19/09/1959 Missing
The Kid From Kirkintilloch 26/09/1959 Missing
A Little Bit Of Science 03/10/1959 Missing
A Bomb Called Mary 10/10/1959 Missing
The Case For Patrick Mulligan 17/10/1959 Missing
An Hour After Midnight 24/10/1959 Missing
Shaking The Law 31/10/1959 Missing
George Drops The Book 07/11/1959 Missing
Beyond Control 14/11/1959 Missing
A Flash Of Black Coffee 21/11/1959 Missing
A Question Of Decibels 28/11/1959 Missing
A Toast For Sandy Brownrigg 05/12/1959 Missing
Send For Santa Claus 12/12/1959 Missing
Ma's Seven Bundles 19/12/1959 Missing
A Piece Of Pink Ribbon 26/12/1959 Missing
The Knock Man 02/01/1960 Missing
A Very Peculiar Business 09/01/1960 Missing
The Guilty Party 16/01/1960 Missing
When Thieves Fall Out 23/01/1960 Missing
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 30/01/1960 Missing
A Lead From Mother Kelly 06/02/1960 Missing
The Slinger And The Slush 13/02/1960 Missing
The Threat 20/02/1960 Missing
Anglo-Saxon Joy 27/02/1960 Missing
No Place For Sentiment 05/03/1960 Missing
The Black And The White 12/03/1960 Missing
The Little School 19/03/1960 Missing
Mr Pettigrew's Bowler 26/03/1960 Missing
Everything Goes In Threes 02/04/1960 Missing

Series 7

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
All Cats Are Grey 01/10/1960 Missing
The Big Red Rug 08/10/1960 Missing
The Hot Seat 15/10/1960 Exists
The Vanishing Bummaree 22/10/1960 Missing
A Grain Of Rice 29/10/1960 Missing
Jennie Wren 05/11/1960 Missing
Obsession 12/11/1960 Missing
A Fall From The Tightrope 19/11/1960 Missing
Duffy Takes A Walk 26/11/1960 Missing
Duffy Goes to War 03/12/1960 Missing
The Mystery Of The Vanishing Voice 10/12/1960 Missing
The Night Of The Accident 17/12/1960 Missing
Christmas Eve At The Nick 24/12/1960 Missing
A Spot Of Overtime 31/12/1960 Missing
T-E-A Spells Trouble 07/01/1961 Missing
The Bum-Up 14/01/1961 Missing
The Drummers 21/01/1961 Missing
The Red Herring 28/01/1961 Missing
The Traffic Of A Night 04/02/1961 Missing
Laudie Takes The Strain 11/02/1961 Missing
River Beat 18/02/1961 Exists
The Woman In The Case 25/02/1961 Missing
The Persistent Widow Part 1 04/03/1961 Missing
The Persistent Widow Part 2 11/03/1961 Missing
Want A Persian Rug, Lady? 18/03/1961 Missing
The Glass Of Fury 25/03/1961 Missing
Storm In A Coffee Bar 01/04/1961 Missing
A Kiss For The Constable 08/04/1961 Missing
One Pound Note 15/04/1961 Missing
Mr Rainbow 22/04/1961 Missing

Series 8

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
A Little Touch Of Ginger 09/09/1961 Missing
The Tommy Fuller Story 16/09/1961 Missing
A Quiet Ordinary Woman 23/09/1961 Missing
George Takes A Bowler 30/09/1961 Missing
The Loose Load 07/10/1961 Missing
The Biggest Thief In Town 14/10/1961 Missing
Desperation 21/10/1961 Missing
The Bent Twigg 28/10/1961 Missing
The Case Of The Silent Thief 04/11/1961 Missing
A Question Of Temperament 11/11/1961 Missing
A Tip For The C.I.D. 18/11/1961 Missing
A Couple Of Kids 25/11/1961 Missing
The Husband 02/12/1961 Missing
New Man In The Manor 09/12/1961 Missing
The Lifters And The Leaners 16/12/1961 Missing
A Date To Remember 23/12/1961 Missing
Duffy Draws A Bonus 30/12/1961 Missing
Council For The Defence 06/01/1962 Missing
The Battle Of Bellamy Court 13/01/1962 Missing
A Path Through The Jungle 20/01/1962 Missing
An Escort For Harry 27/01/1962 Missing
The Flemish Giant 03/02/1962 Missing
A Special Kind Of Jones 10/02/1962 Missing
The Cruel Streak 17/02/1962 Missing
The Outlaws 24/02/1962 Missing
Bells In My Ears 03/03/1962 Missing

Series 9

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Duffy Smells A Rat 15/09/1962 Missing
The Milkman Knocks On Friday 22/09/1962 Missing
Outside The Gates 29/09/1962 Missing
The Bullen Affair 06/10/1962 Missing
The High Price Of Freedom 13/10/1962 Missing
Pressure 20/10/1962 Missing
Double Triangle 27/10/1962 Missing
Cause for Alarm 03/11/1962 Missing
All In The Line Of Duty 10/11/1962 Missing
The Moonlighter 17/11/1962 Missing
A Home of One's Own 24/11/1962 Exists
Tower Of Strength 01/12/1962 Missing
Cash And Carry 08/12/1962 Missing
Like Father, Like Son? 15/12/1962 Missing
Dead Jammy 22/12/1962 Missing
The Night After The Night Before 29/12/1962 Missing
Green Wedding 05/01/1963 Exists
The Old Couple 12/01/1963 Missing
Trail Of A Gun 19/01/1963 Missing
The Bitter Taste Of Youth 26/01/1963 Missing
Time Bomb 02/02/1963 Missing
The River People 09/02/1963 Missing
The Racket 16/02/1963 Missing
A Drop Of The Real Stuff 23/02/1963 Missing
A Strange Affair 02/03/1963 Missing
A Woman Named Julie 09/03/1963 Missing
Before the Ball 16/03/1963 Missing
The End Of The Trail 23/03/1963 Missing

Series 10

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Pay Later 05/10/1963 Missing
The Trouble With Spokey 12/10/1963 Missing
Beyond A Joke 19/10/1963 Missing
Second Chance 26/10/1963 Missing
Second Chance 02/11/1963 Missing
Unwelcome Stranger 09/11/1963 Missing
Thicker Than Water 16/11/1963 Missing
The Switch 23/11/1963 Missing
The Torch Bearers 30/11/1963 Missing
The Gunman 07/12/1963 Missing
The Best Policy 14/12/1963 Missing
Christmas Dip 21/12/1963 Missing
Mrs Conroy's Goldmine 28/12/1963 Missing
Night Caller 04/01/1964 Missing
Fish On The Hook 11/01/1964 Missing
The Home Builders 18/01/1964 Missing
Man On The Run 25/01/1964 Missing
Slim Jim 01/02/1964 Missing
Missing 08/02/1964 Missing
Final Appearanceh 15/02/1964 Missing
A Family Affair 22/02/1964 Missing
Child Hunt 29/02/1964 Missing
A Bit Of Ol' Moggy 07/03/1964 Missing
A Right Artful Monkey 14/03/1964 Missing
The Fire Raiser 21/03/1964 Missing
The Witness 28/03/1964 Missing

Series 11

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Facing The Music 19/09/1964 Missing
The Night Man 26/09/1964 Missing
Fair Means Or Foul 03/10/1964 Missing
Mr Farthing Takes A Walk 10/10/1964 Missing
Children Beware 17/10/1964 Missing
A Scrap of Paint 24/10/1964 Exists
Smithy 31/10/1964 Missing
Jigsaw 07/11/1964 Missing
The Root Of All Evil 14/11/1964 Missing
All Sorts To Make A World 21/11/1964 Missing
Web Of Lies 28/11/1964 Missing
Don't Play With Fire 05/12/1964 Missing
A Friend In Need 12/12/1964 Missing
Windfall 19/12/1964 Missing
Routine 26/12/1964 Missing
Other People's Lives 02/01/1965 Missing
Edward The Confessor 09/01/1965 Missing
A Bright Boy 16/01/1965 Missing
Find The Lady 23/01/1965 Missing
The Night Of The Fog 30/01/1965 Missing
A Fine Art 06/02/1965 Missing
Within The Law 13/02/1965 Missing
You Just Walk Away 20/02/1965 Missing
The Inside Man 27/02/1965 Missing
Forsaking All Others 06/03/1965 Missing
The Avenger 13/03/1965 Missing

Series 12

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Unlawful Possession 02/10/1965 Missing
Castles In The Air 09/10/1965 Missing
Saturday Night 16/10/1965 Missing
Detain Martin Spencer 23/10/1965 Missing
Act Of Violence 30/10/1965 Missing
It's My Life 06/11/1965 Missing
All Clear 13/11/1965 Missing
Assailant Unknown 20/11/1965 Missing
The Man Who Was Going To Die 27/11/1965 Missing
The Late Customer 04/12/1965 Missing
The Intruders 11/12/1965 Missing
Witness Summons 18/12/1965 Missing
Georgina 25/12/1965 Missing
The Man On The Train 01/01/1966 Missing
'S' For Squealer 08/01/1966 Missing
Routine Check 15/01/1966 Missing
Bullion 22/01/1966 Missing
Nothing To Say 29/01/1966 Missing
The Heister 05/02/1966 Missing
Just To Scare 'Em 12/02/1966 Missing
Touch And Go 19/02/1966 Missing
The Pact 26/02/1966 Missing
Face At The Window 05/03/1966 Missing
You Can't Buy A Miracle 12/03/1966 Missing
Death Of A Donkeyman 19/03/1965 Missing
When Last Seen 26/03/1966 Missing
The Complaint 02/04/1966 Missing
The Samaritan Act 09/04/1966 Missing
The Fourth Finger 16/04/1966 Missing
Mr 'X' 23/04/1966 Missing
Manhunt 30/04/1966 Missing

Series 13

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The World Of Silence 01/10/1966 Missing
Fire, Sleet And Candlelight 08/10/1966 Missing
Billy 15/10/1966 Missing
The Executioners 22/10/1966 Missing
The Wife 29/10/1966 Exists
Grenade 05/11/1966 Missing
Dragons' Teeth 12/11/1966 Exists
Guilty People 19/11/1966 Missing
The Hunt For June Fletcher 26/11/1966 Missing
Street of Fear: Part 1 - The Job 03/12/1966 Exists
Street of Fear: Part 2 - Find me a Witness 10/12/1966 Exists
The Accident 17/12/1966 Exists
The Golden Year 24/12/1966 Missing

Series 14

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Mercenary 30/09/1967 Exists
Case No. 7 07/10/1967 Missing
The Collectors 14/10/1967 Exists
Zandra 21/10/1967 Exists
Towpath 28/10/1967 Missing
The Witness 04/11/1967 Missing
The Party 11/11/1967 Missing
The Climber 18/11/1967 Missing
The Team 25/11/1967 Exists
The Run 02/12/1967 Missing
The Step-Brother 09/12/1967 Missing
The Hunch 16/12/1967 Missing
Six Till Two 23/12/1967 Exists
The Old Pals Act 30/12/1967 Missing
Nightmare 06/01/1968 Exists
The Attack 13/01/1968 Exists
Olga And The Six Best Men 20/01/1968 Missing
Caesar's Wife 27/01/1968 Missing
The White Mercedes 03/02/1968 Missing
Ania 10/02/1968 Missing

Series 15

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Find the Lady 07/09/1968 Exists
The Hard Way 14/09/1968 Missing
The Prospective Candidate 21/09/1968 Missing
An Ordinary Man 28/09/1968 Exists
The Brothers 05/10/1968 Missing
A Quiet Sunday 12/10/1968 Exists
Double Jeopardy 19/10/1968 Missing
The Commander 26/10/1968 Missing
The Last Look 02/11/1968 Missing
Number 13 09/11/1968 Missing
English - Born And Bred 16/11/1968 Missing
High Finance 23/11/1968 Missing
The Man 30/11/1968 Missing
Suspended 07/12/1968 Missing
The Trojan Horse 14/12/1968 Missing
Berserk 21/12/1968 Missing

Series 16

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Paperhangers 06/09/1969 Missing
Breaking Point 13/09/1969 Missing
Obsession 20/09/1969 Missing
Copper's Luck 27/09/1969 Missing
Protest 04/10/1969 Missing
No Love Lost 11/10/1969 Missing
Notify If Found 18/10/1969 Missing
Exclusive Story 25/10/1969 Missing
End Of A Copper 01/11/1969 Missing
The Intruder 08/11/1969 Missing
The Brimstone Man 15/11/1969 Missing
The Reluctant Witness 22/11/1969 Missing
The Jelly Man 29/11/1969 Missing
Whose Turn Next 06/12/1969 Missing
The Set-Up 13/12/1969 Missing
Bobby 20/12/1969 Missing
The One That Got Away 27/12/1969 Missing

Series 17

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Waste Land 14/11/1970 Exists
The Undercover Man 21/11/1970 Missing
The House In Albert Street 28/11/1970 Missing
Shadows 05/12/1970 Missing
The Stranger 12/12/1970 Missing
File No. 7/948732/462 19/12/1970 Missing
The Lags' Brigadet 26/12/1970 Missing
Thin Thread 02/01/1971 Missing
Two Children 09/01/1971 Missing
As Good As A Picnic 16/01/1971 Missing
Mug's Game 23/01/1971 Missing
Honour Among Thieves 30/01/1971 Missing
Shotgun 06/02/1971 Missing
Nightmare Hours 13/02/1971 Missing
No One Loses 20/02/1971 Missing
The Silent Man 27/02/1971 Missing
Sleigh Ride 06/03/1971 Missing

Series 18

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Jigsaw 20/11/1971 Exists
The Fighter 27/11/1971 Missing
Flash Point 04/12/1971 Missing
The Man From The Ministry 11/12/1971 Missing
Imagination 18/12/1971 Missing
Wingy 27/12/1971 Missing
Molenzicht 01/01/1972 Exists
The Informant 08/01/1972 Missing
Findings Keepings 15/01/1972 Missing
Night Beat 22/01/1972 Missing
The Bad Debt Men 29/01/1972 Missing
First Offenders 05/02/1972 Missing
Sgt George Dixon 12/02/1972 Missing

Series 19

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Specialist 23/09/1972 Missing
Time Out 30/09/1972 Missing
The Fingerman 07/10/1972 Missing
Trial And Error 14/10/1972 Missing
Gun Point 21/10/1972 Missing
Conspiracy Of Silence 28/10/1972 Missing
Homecoming 04/11/1972 Missing
Mrs. Raven 11/11/1972 Missing
Starpoint West 18/11/1972 Missing
Bust Up 25/11/1972 Missing
Whiplash 02/12/1972 Missing
Who Needs Enemies? 09/12/1972 Missing
Ada 16/12/1972 Missing
Loser 23/12/1972 Missing

Series 20

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Eye Witness 29/12/1973 Exists
Knocker 05/01/1974 Missing
Harry's Back 12/01/1974 Exists
Question In The House 19/01/1974 Missing
The Unwanted 26/01/1974 Exists
Stitch-Up 02/02/1974 Missing
Full Circle 09/02/1974 Missing
There's Your Story: There's My Story - And There's The Truth 16/02/1974 Missing
Pay-Off 23/02/1974 Missing
Cat Walk 02/03/1974 Missing
Snout 09/03/1974 Missing
The Long Memory 16/03/1974 Missing
Bust Up 23/03/1974 Missing
A Sense Of Guilt 30/03/1974 Missing
Three's Company 06/04/1974 Missing
Sounds 13/04/1974 Exists
Firearms Were Issued 20/04/1974 Exists

Series 21

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
It's A Gift 01/03/1975 Missing
Black Monday 08/03/1975 Missing
Baubles, Bangles and Beads 15/03/1975 Exists
On A Moody Complaint 22/03/1975 Missing
Looters Ltd 29/03/1975 Exists
The Hired Man 05/04/1975 Missing
For Better, For Worse 12/04/1975 Missing
A Slight Case of Love 19/04/1975 Exists
Pot Of Gold 26/04/1975 Missing
Chain Of Events2 03/05/1975 Incomplete
Conspiracy 10/05/1975 Exists

Series 22

Episode Title Dates of Transmission Archival Status
Eight Episodes 13 March 1976 - 1 May 1976 All Exist


1. The Series 3 episode 'The Gentle Scratcher' is a remake of the episode of 14/07/1956 with the same name.

2. "Chain of Events" is partially held in the archives on a studio recording spool that exists for the episode "Conspiracy" from 1975.

3. Other clips exist including the following:
(i) A short clip from "Tower of Strength" exists in a lecture film for a BBC hosted conference about information broadcasting.
(ii) There is a short clip of "Sergeant George Dixon" on an untransmitted compilation of programmes made for the BBC's 50th anniversary.
(iii) Film sequences from "The Finger Man" exist on a BBC training film about how to shoot film inserts.
(iv) It is believed that there are a couple of small fragments of other sixties episodes which are on live telerecordings from the mid 1960s.

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