The British TV Missing Episodes Index

  DOOMWATCH [BBC, 1971-72]

Season 1
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Plastic Eaters 09/02/1970 Exists
Friday's Child 16/02/1970 Missing
Burial at Sea 23/02/1970 Missing
Tomorrow, The Rat 02/03/1970 Exists
Project Sahara 09/03/1970 Exists
Re-entry Forbidden 16/03/1970 Exists
The Devil's Sweets 23/03/1970 Exists
The Red Sky 06/04/1970 Exists
Spectre at the Feast 13/04/1970 Missing
Train and De-Train 20/04/1970 Exists
The Battery People 27/04/1970 Exists
Hear no Evil 04/05/1970 Missing
Survival Code 11/05/1970 Missing

Season 2
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
All epsiodes - Exists

Season 3
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Fire And Brimstone 05/06/1972 Missing
High Mountain 12/06/1972 Missing
Say Knife,Fat Man 19/06/1972 Missing
Waiting for a Knighthood 26/06/1970 Exists
Without The Bomb 03/07/1972 Missing
Hair Trigger 10/07/1972 Exists
Deadly Dangerous Tomorrow 17/07/1972 Missing
Enquiry 24/07/1972 Missing
Flood 31/07/1972 Missing
Cause Of Death 01/08/1972 Missing
The Killer Dolphins 08/08/1972 Missing
Sex and Violence Never Shown Exists
The Devil's Demolition Not produced Missing

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