The British TV Missing Episodes Index


Season 1
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
All for a Couple of Ponies 23/01/1965 Missing
Nobody Kills Santa Claus 30/01/1965 Exists
They Go Off in the End Like Fruit 06/02/1965 Missing
Dig You Later 13/02/1965 Missing
I Went to Borrow a Pencil and Look What I Found 20/02/1965 Missing
But the Joneses Never Get Letters 27/02/1965 Missing
A Harsh World for Zealots 06/03/1965 Missing
"And A Very Fine Fiddle Has He" 13/03/1965 Missing
My Life/That's a Marriage 20/03/1965 Missing
You Think it'll be Marvellous But it's Always a Rabbit 27/03/1965 Missing
Protection is a Man's Best Friend 03/04/1965 Missing
The Morning Wasn't So Hot 10/04/1965 Exists
You Should Hear Me Eat Soup 17/04/1965 Missing
You Have to Draw the Line Somewhere 24/04/1965 Missing
Have it on the House 01/05/1965 Missing

Season 2
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
All the Black Dresses She Wants 02/07/1966 Missing
Don't Forget You're Mine 09/07/1966 Exists
I Could Set it to Music 16/07/1966 Missing
It's a Terrible Way to Be 23/07/1966 Missing
You Can Keep the Medal 30/07/1966 Missing
You're Not Cinderella, Are You? 06/08/1966 Missing
Works with Chess, Not with Life 13/08/1966 Exists
It Had to Be a Mouse 20/08/1966 Missing
Tell Me About the Crab 27/08/1966 Missing
No, No, Nothing Like That 03/09/1966 Missing
There are More Things in Heaven and Earth 10/09/1966 Missing
Twenty Pounds of Heart and Muscle 17/09/1966 Missing
What's the Matter? Can't You Take a Sick Joke 24/09/1966 Missing

Season 3
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
If This is Lucky, I'd Rather be Jonah 20/01/1968 Missing
But What Good will the Truth Do? 27/01/1968 Missing
Memories of Meg 03/02/1968 Missing
Have Mud, Will Throw 10/02/1968 Missing
But They Always Come Back for Tea 17/02/1968 Missing
Mercury in an Off White Mac 24/02/1968 Missing
Strictly Private and Confidential 02/03/1968 Missing
Honesty is the Best Policy, But Who Can Afford the Premiums 09/03/1968 Missing
The Bromsgrove Venus 16/03/1968 Exists
It Must be the Architecture, It Can't be the Climate 23/03/1968 Missing
It's Learning About the Lies that Hurts 30/03/1968 Missing
There's No Future in Monkey Business 06/04/1968 Missing
Cross That Palm When We Get To It 13/04/1968 Missing


1. A trailer containing several minutes of 'It Must be the Architecture, It Can't be the Climate' featured on the Public Eye Series 4 dvd

2. 'All subsequent episodes exist in the archives.

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