The British TV Missing Episodes Index


Season 1
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
It's All In The Mind 16/08/1962 Exists
A Taste Of Dust 23/08/1962 Exists
The Quack 30/08/1962 Exists
Conduct Unbecoming 06/09/1962 Exists
What Money Can't Buy 13/09/1962 Exists
Cough Mixture 20/09/1962 Exists
Carver Tam 27/09/1962 Exists
What Women Will Do 04/10/1962 Exists
Snap Diagnosis 11/10/1962 Exists
The Dragon Plate 18/10/1962 Exists
A Spotless Reputation 25/10/1962 Exists
Behind Closed Doors 01/11/1962 Exists

Season 2
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
A Time For Laughing 05/09/1963 Exists
Clean Sweep 12/09/1963 Exists
The Heat Of The Moment 19/09/1963 Exists
Cup, Hands Or Cards 26/09/1963 Exists
A Time For Discretion 04/10/1963 Missing
Alice, Where Art Thou? 11/10/1963 Missing
Ride In a Wheelchair 18/10/1963 Missing
A Questionable Practice 25/10/1963 Exists
Odds On Johnny 01/11/1963 Missing
The Face Saver 08/11/1963 Missing
Room For Doubt 15/11/1963 Missing
Possessed Of Devils 06/12/1963 Missing
Cry Wolf 13/12/1963 Missing
The Deep End 20/12/1963 Missing
The Polygraph 27/12/1963 Exists
A Present From Father 05/01/1964 Exists
A Test Of Intelligence 12/01/1964 Exists
Charlie Is My Darlin` 19/01/1964 Missing
My Late Dear Husband 26/01/1964 Missing
The Whit Hunter 02/02/1964 Missing
The Whole Truth 09/02/1964 Missing
A Shot In The Arm 16/02/1964 Missing
A Matter Of Proof 23/02/1964 Missing
A Call From Cogger 01/03/1964 Missing
A Man May Drink 08/03/1964 Missing
The Big Fight 15/03/1964 Missing
Stranger In Town 22/03/1964 Missing
The Yellow Streak 29/03/1964 Missing
Without The City 05/04/1964 Missing
The Aristocrats 12/04/1964 Missing
The Spirit Of Dr.McGregor 26/04/1964 Exists
Mortal Sin 03/05/1964 Missing
The Hallelujah Stakes 10/05/1964 Missing
Short Of A Miracle 17/05/1964 Missing
The True Lochiel 24/05/1964 Missing
The Old Indomitable 31/05/1964 Missing
The Red Herring 07/06/1964 Exists
The Confrontation 14/06/1964 Exists
Dear Doctor 21/06/1964 Missing
The Doctor Cried 28/06/1964 Missing

Season 3
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Control Group 03/01/1965 Missing
The Raiders 10/01/1965 Missing
The Eternal Spring 17/01/1965 Missing
A Right To Live 24/01/1965 Exists
The Bull Call 31/01/1965 Missing
Devils Dozen 07/02/1965 Missing
Charity, Dr.Finlay 14/02/1965 Exists
Laughing Gas 21/02/1965 Missing
The Gate Of The Year 28/02/1965 Exists
Off The Hook 07/03/1965 Exists
The Next Provost But One 14/03/1965 Exists
Soon Or Late 21/03/1965 Exists
The Good Fisherman 28/03/1965 Missing
A Little Learning 04/04/1965 Exists
Belle 11/04/1965 Exists
In Committee 18/04/1965 Exists
Another Opinion 25/04/1965 Exists
The Spinster 02/05/1965 Exists
Medical Finance 09/05/1965 Exists
Beware Of The Dog 16/05/1965 Exists
Doctor's Lines 23/05/1965 Exists
The Deceivers 30/05/1965 Exists
The End Of The Season 06/06/1965 Exists
A Woman's Work 13/06/1965 Exists
The Immortal Memory 20/06/1965 Exists
An Evening Out 27/06/1965 Missing

Season 4
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Phantom Piper Of Tannochbrae 21/11/1965 Exists
The Champion 28/11/1965 Missing
The Draper Of Dumfries 05/12/1965 Missing
The Longest Visit 12/12/1965 Missing
Body And Soul 19/12/1965 Missing
The Vision 26/12/1965 Missing
Miss Letitia 02/01/1966 Missing
They Do It In Africa 09/01/1966 Missing
The Anxious Man 16/01/1966 Missing
Hear No Evil 23/02/1966 Missing
The General 30/02/1966 Missing
Free Medicine 06/02/1966 Missing
The Seniority Rule 13/02/1966 Missing
A Matter Of Confidence 20/02/1966 Missing
For Services Rendered 27/02/1966 Missing
To Err Is Human 06/03/1966 Missing
Better Safe Than Sorry 13/03/1966 Missing
O Sole Mio 20/03/1966 Missing
No Subsidy For Sin 27/03/1966 Missing
Kate And Robert 03/04/1966 Missing
Written With The Left Hand 10/04/1966 Exists
A Settled Man 17/04/1966 Missing
Crusade 24/04/1966 Exists
Legacy 01/05/1966 Missing
The Decision 08/05/1966 Missing
The Uninvited Guest 15/05/1966 Missing

Season 5
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Gifts Of The Magi 25/12/1966 Exists
Resolution 01/01/1967 Missing
The Comical Lad 08/01/1967 Missing
Under The Hammer 15/01/1967 Missing
The Masterpiece 22/01/1967 Missing
Who Made You? 29/01/1967 Missing
Bird Seed And Begonias 12/02/1967 Missing
The Greatest Burden 19/02/1967 Missing
The Forgotten Enemy 26/02/1967 Missing
Possesed 05/03/1967 Missing
Life Of A Salesman 12/03/1967 Missing
Over My Dead Body 19/03/1967 Missing
A Penny Saved 02/04/1967 Missing
Call In Cameron 09/04/1967 Exists
The Sons Of The Hounds 16/04/1967 Exists
A Question Of Conflict 23/04/1967 Exists
Advertising Matter 30/04/1967 Exists
A Happy Release 07/05/1967 Exists
Safety In Numbers 14/05/1967 Missing

Season 6
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Criss-Cross 02/10/1967 Missing
The Emotional Factor 09/10/1967 Missing
Come Back,Little Willie 16/10/1967 Missing
Time Past-Time Future 23/10/1967 Missing
Buy Now-Pay Later 30/11/1967 Exists
Accidents Never Happen 06/11/1967 Missing
Random Sample 13/11/1967 Missing
Tell Me True 20/11/1967 Exists
Persons Unknown 27/11/1967 Exists
It`s The System 04/12/1967 Missing
Death Is A Colony 11/12/1967 Missing
The McTavish Bequest 18/12/1967 Missing
Unfit To Marry 24/12/1967 Exists
The Public Patient 31/12/1967 Exists
A Moral Problem 07/01/1968 Exists
The Cheats 14/01/1968 Exists
Conscience Clause 21/01/1968 Exists
The Dynamiser 28/01/1968 Missing
The North Side Of Ben Vorlich 04/02/1968 Missing
Out Of The Blue 11/02/1968 Missing
The Equilibrium 18/02/1968 Missing
"Is There Anybody There?" Said The Traveller 25/02/1968 Missing
For Richer,For Poorer 03/03/1968 Missing
Sweet Sorrow 10/03/1968 Missing
Scots Wha Hae 17/03/1968 Missing
To Janet-A Son 24/03/1968 Missing

Season 7
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Visitation 09/03/1969 Missing
The Honours List 16/03/1969 Missing
The Times We Live In 23/03/1969 Missing
Pastures New 30/03/1969 Missing
The Greatest Of These Is Charity 06/04/1969 Missing
A Man Of Parts 13/04/1969 Missing
A Dove In The Nest 20/04/1969 Missing
Big Ben 27/04/1969 Missing
The Barrier 04/05/1969 Missing
The Rat Race 11/05/1969 Missing
Put Your Cross Here 18/05/1969 Missing
The Stick Of The Rocket 25/05/1969 Missing
Fresh Worlds 01/06/1969 Missing
Conquest 08/06/1969 Missing
The Facts Of Life 15/06/1969 Missing
Single Or Return 22/06/1969 Missing
Oak,Mahogany Or Walnut 29/06/1969 Missing
The Call 06/07/1969 Missing
Lack Of Communication 13/07/1969 Exists
Monstrous Regiment 20/07/1969 Missing
Blood and State 27/07/1969 Missing
Action,Dr/Cameron 03/08/1969 Missing
The Will To Live 10/08/1969 Missing
The Evangelist 17/08/1969 Missing
The Cheap Departed 24/08/1969 Missing
Opportunity And Inclination 31/08/1969 Exists

Season 8
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
A Late Spring 13/09/1970 Exists
Dead Fall 20/09/1970 Missing
Comin' Thro' The Rye 27/09/1970 Exists
The Builders 04/10/1970 Missing
Not Qualified 11/10/1970 Exists
Snares And Pitfalls 18/10/1970 Missing
Dorrity 25/10/1970 Exists
Winter's Traces 01/11/1970 Missing
The Honeypot 08/11/1970 Exists
Made For Each Other 22/11/1970 Missing
A Good Prospect 29/11/1970 Exists
Responsibilities 06/12/1970 Exists
Dust 13/12/1970 Missing
Itself And Friend 20/12/1970 Missing
A Question Of Values 27/12/1970 Exists
The Burgess Ticket 03/01/1971 Exists

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