The British TV Missing Episodes Index


Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Forfeit For Eternity 12/09/65 Missing
A Single Blow 19/09/1965 Missing
The Brain Biter 26/09/1965 Missing
A Champion's Reward 03/10/1965 Missing
The Sorceress Of St. Omer 10/10/1965 Missing
The Court of Love 17/10/1965 Missing
The Wind Blows 24/10/1965 Missing
Death Of A King 31/10/1965 Missing
The War Arrow 07/11/1965 Missing
The Art Of War 14/11/1965 Missing
The Broken Promise 21/11/1965 Missing
Live And Die 28/11/1965 Missing
The Burning Of The Golden Borough 05/12/1965 Missing
Face To Face 12/12/19656 Missing
The King's Vengeance 19/12/1965 Missing
The Last Of The English 26/12/1965 Missing

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