The British TV Missing Episodes Index

   NO HIDING PLACE [A-R, 1959-67]

Season 1
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Talking Doll 16/09/1959 Missing
Checkmate 23/09/1959 Missing
Wheels Of Fury 30/09/1959 Missing
A Genuine Sale Of Murder 07/10/1959 Missing
The Stalag Story 14/10/1959 Missing
The Sharp Knife 21/10/1959 Missing
Call Me A Killer 28/10/1959 Missing
Everybody Loves Jerry 04/11/1959 Missing
The Man Who Left His Coat 11/11/1959 Missing
Murder With Witnesses 18/11/1959 Missing
Ring Of Fear 25/11/1959 Missing
With Suicidal Intent 02/12/1959 Missing
No Wreath For Clive 09/12/1959 Missing
Black Fashion 16/12/1959 Missing
Stranger In The Parlour 23/12/1959 Missing
Who Is Gustav Vamia? 30/12/1959 Missing
Victim Of The Dark 06/01/1960 Missing
The Golden Clown 13/01/1960 Missing
A Man Of Straw 20/01/1960 Missing
The Final Chase 27/01/1960 Missing
Season 2
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Long Day 05/05/1960 Missing
The Head Case 12/05/1960 Missing
Stop Press 19/05/1960 Missing
Man's Best Friend 26/05/1960 Missing
Two Blind Mice 02/06/1960 Missing
Six Eyes On A Stranger 09/06/1960 Missing
The Last Flight Of The Eel 16/06/1960 Missing
Bed Of Roses 23/10/1960 Missing
A Straight White Line 30/10/1960 Missing
State Visit 07/07/1960 Missing
The Constant Widow 14/07/1960 Missing
Raising Old Harry 21/07/1960 Missing
The Last Deal 28/07/1960 Missing
Three Small Bones 04/08/1960 Missing
Trial And Error 11/08/1960 Missing
The Burning Question 18/08/1960 Missing
The Missing Moorhen 25/08/1960 Missing
Dog Eat Dog 01/09/1960 Missing
Double Fugue 08/09/1960 Missing
Two-Time Loser 16/09/19560 Missing
Girl InThe Shadow 23/09/1960 Missing
The Goat's Whiskers 30/09/19560 Missing
A Very Respectable Man 07/10/1960 Missing
Point Of Release 14/10/19560 Missing
Fair Lady 21/10/1960 Missing
Footsteps On The Ceiling 28/10/1960 Missing
Season 3
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Slippery Deck 03/02/1961 Missing
The Long Stretch 10/02/1961 Missing
Man In The Dark 17/02/1961 Missing
A Warrent For Joe Roberts 24/02/1961 Missing
Never Dine With Dead Men 03/03/1961 Missing
The Widower 10/03/1961 Exists
Whistle and I'll Come 17/03/1961 Exists
Payment In Kind 24/03/1961 Missing
The Toy House 07/04/1961 Missing
A Girl Like Xanthe 14/04/1961 Missing
Nina And The Night People 21/04/1961 Missing
Told By A Dead Man 28/04/1961 Missing
No Tears For Tobin 05/05/1961 Missing
Fever 12/05/1961 Missing
The Missing Suit 19/05/1961 MIssing
Mr and Mrs Smith 26/05/1961 Exists
Finale 02/06/1961 Exists
Process Of Elimination 09/06/1961 Missing
Signals At Danger 16/06/1961 Missing
The Final Fling 23/06/1961 Missing
Explosion Underground 30/06/1961 Missing
With Intent To Kill 07/07/1961 Missing
The White Stick 14/07/1961 Exists
Caught And Bowled 21/07/1961 Missing
Silent Witnesses 28/07/1961 Missing
Dead Ringer 04/08/1961 Exists
Season 4
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
A Touch Of Nitrate 08/05/1962 Missing
Accessories after the Fact 15/05/1962 Exists
Little Girl Stolen 22/05/1962 Missing
A Job For Johnny 29/05/1962 Missing
Cover Story 05/06/1962 Missing
Third Party Risk 12/06/1962 Exists
Convict's Wife 19/06/1962 Missing
Car In Flames 26/06/1962 Missing
A Surprise For Mr.Kemp 03/07/1962 Missing
Epitaph For Johnnie 10/07/1962 Missing
The Bank Job 17/07/1962 Missing
Inquest On An Idol 24/07/1962 Missing
The Skeleton Wore Boots 31/07/1962 Missing
The Common Murder 07/08/1962 Parts 1 & 2 of 3 exists
The Paying Guests 14/08/1962 Missing
Thirty Seconds From Now 21/08/1962 Missing
Whatever Happend To Wally? 28/08/1962 Missing
A Cool Million 04/09/1962 Missing
Straight To The Grave 11/09/1962 Missing
A Talk With Yargo Simms 18/09/1962 Missing
The Most Beautiful Room In The World 25/09/1962 Missing
Top Of The Ladder 02/10/1962 Missing
Time To Kill 09/10/1962 Missing
Run For The Sea 23/10/1962 Missing
Key To Murder 30/10/1962 Missing
Corpse For The Cup 06/11/1962 Missing
Contents Noted 13/11/1962 Missing
Unfinished Business 20/11/1962 Missing
The Girl In The Rain 27/11/1962 Missing
Night Of The Game 04/12/1962 Missing
The Front Man 11/12/1962 Missing
The Girl In The Rain 18/12/1962 Missing
100,000 Halfpennies 25/12/1962 Missing
Death On The Doorstep 01/01/1963 Missing
Who Killed Cock Robbin? 08/01/1963 Missing
The Image Of Frank Brown 15/01/1963 Missing
Beware of the Weepers 22/01/1963 Exists
A Pocketfull Of Bones 29/01/1963 Missing
The Imagination Of Taffy Lewis 05/02/1963 Missing
Operation Tiptoe 12/02/1963 Exists
Tell Them Upstairs 19/02/1963 Missing
Hot Ice 26/02/1963 Missing
Dead Certainty 12/03/1963 Missing
A Bird To Watch The Marbles 19/03/1963 Exists (private collection)
Season 5
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Alibies Are Fixed 02/07/1963 Missing
Four Faces Of Clare 09/07/1963 Missing
A Ticket For The Nudes 16/07/1963 Missing
All Dead And Buried 23/07/1963 Missing
Last Flight 30/07/1963 Missing
Alexander's Ragtime Girl 06/08/1963 Missing
Pay As You Earn 13/08/1963 Missing
Expert With Salt 20/08/1963 Missing
Peggy 27/08/1963 Missing
Statement To The Press 03/09/1963 Missing
Scaremonger 10/09/1963 Missing
Deadline For Dummy 17/09/1963 Missing
Pillar To Post 24/09/1963 Missing
The Smoke Boys 01/10/1963 Missing
As Well As Murder 08/10/1963 Missing
Two Dreams In A Fire 15/10/1963 Missing
An Eye On The Kings 22/10/1963 Missing
Requiem On A Typewriter 04/11/1963 Missing
A Hole In The Head 18/11/1963 Missing
The Gamblers 25/11/1963 Missing
No Previous Convictions 02/12/1963 Missing
Always A Copper 09/12/1963 Missing
Death Of Samantha 16/12/1963 Missing
Solomon Dancey's Luck 23/12/1963 Missing
Formula For Death 30/12/1963 Missing
A Car Is Stolen 06/01/1963 Missing

Series 6
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Play On Letters 06/04/1964 Missing
Who Takes The Blame? 13/04/1964 Missing
The By Boys 20/04/1964 Missing
My Father Is My Brother 27/04/1964 Missing
Line Of Fire 04/05/1964 Missing
The Write-Off 11/05/1964 Missing
An Eye For An Eye 18/05/1964 Missing
Red Roses For Emma 25/05/1964 Missing
Death Of A Breadwinner 01/06/1964 Missing
Greetings From A 12-Bore 08/06/1964 Missing
It's Coming Down Harder 22/05/1964 Missing
Trained To Kill 29/05/1964 Missing
The Breakout 06/07/1964 Missing
The Rainbow Turned To Dust 13/07/1964 Missing
Varnish On Three Fingers 20/07/1964 Missing
The Carrion Bird 27/07/1964 Missing
The Hoarders 03/08/1964 Missing
Aftertaste 10/08/1964 Missing
The Things Money Can Buy 17/08/1964 Missing
One Redeming Feature 24/08/1964 Missing
Hanging By A Thread 31/08/1964 Missing
The Point Of Death 14/09/1964 Missing
Why Baker Died 21/09/1964 Missing
Real Class 28/09/1964 Missing
Rogue's Gallery 05/10/1964 Missing
Death Of A Dead Man 12/10/1964 Missing

Series 7
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Whoever's Right,Sweeney's Wrong 01/02/65 Missing
The Link 08/02/65 Missing
A Menace To The Public 15/02/65 Missing
Pom-Pom 22/02/65 Missing
Bear With A Sore Head 01/03/65 Missing
Truth Or Dare 08/03/65 Missing
Blood And Water 15/03/65 Missing
Found Dead 22/03/65 Missing
The Grass 29/03/65 Missing
The Bread Bag 05/04/65 Missing
Death Out Of Season 12/04/65 Missing
Music For Murder 19/04/65 Missing
To Find A Fox 26/04/65 Missing
Smokey 03/05/65 Exists
A Place in the Sun 10/05/65 Exists
The Best Years of Your Life 17/05/65 Exists
A Fistful of Trouble 24/05/65 Exists
Calculated Risk 31/05/65 Missing
Rat in a Trap 07/06/65 Exists
Chain of Guilt 17/06/65 Exists
A Cry For Help 24/06/65 Missing
Wolves Get Eaten,Too 01/07/65 Missing
One Good Man and True? 08/07/65 Exists
The Reunion 15/07/65 Exists
The Hunted And The Hunters 22/07/65 Missing
The Lady On The Train 29/07/65 Missing

Series 8
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Jelly Boy 03/11/65 Missing
Hi-Jack 10/11/65 Missing
Danger-Wrong Turning 17/11/65 Missing
It Could Always Happen 24/11/65 Missing
A Moment Of Freedom 01/12/65 Missing
The Street 08/12/65 Missing
Run Johnny,Run 15/12/65 Missing
The Ring Of Truth 22/12/65 Missing
What's All This Then? 29/12/65 Missing
Sing Me The Old Song 05/01/66 Missing
The Lifer 12/01/66 Missing
A Dead Cert 19/01/66 Missing
The Fit-Up 26/01/66 Missing
Season 9
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
A Bottle Full Of Sixpences 04/05/1966 Missing
Ask me if I killed HEr 11/05/1966 Exists
The Old Pals Act 18/05/1966 Missing
You Never Can Tell Till You Try 25/05/1966 Missing
Charlie Come Lately 01/06/1966 Missing
It Isn`t Just The Money... 08/06/1966 Missing
The Night Walker 15/06/1966 Missing
The Smoker 22/06/1966 Missing
The Killing 29/06/1966 Missing
Golden Boy 06/07/1966 Missing
A Hero Of Our Times 13/07/1966 Missing
A Home Posting 20/07/1966 Exists
You Don`t Think Twice 27/07/1966 Missing
Season 10
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Game 23/03/1967 Missing
A Girl Like You 030/03/1967 Missing
The Price On My Head 06/04/1967 Missing
A Letter For Helga 13/04/1967 Missing
A Murder Is A Murder 20/04/1967 Missing
New Faces for Old 27/04/1967 Missing
Decree Absolute 04/05/1967 Missing
Gentle Persuasion 11/05/1967 Missing
A Through And Through With Powder 18/05/1967 Missing
Just Like The Old Days 25/05/1967 Missing
It Couldn't Be Charlie 01/06/1967 Missing
Who Is This Mortimer? 08/06/1967 Missing
Cause For Alarm 15/06/1967 Missing
Personal Feelings Don't Count 22/06/1967 Missing

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