The British TV Missing Episodes Index


Acts Date of Transmission Archival Status
Merv Griffin
Liza Minelli
Arthur Treacher
The Three Hermanis
Roberts Brothers' Elephants
The Rodriguez Troupe
Romford Drum & Trumpet-Band
29/09/1966 Missing
Bill Dana
Dusty Springfield
The Everly Brothers
Les Volants
El Gran Tominsko
The Molidor Trio
Rupperb Bears
Les Barios
Tony Hawkes & the Central Band Of The R.A.F
06/10/1966 Missing
Woody Allen
Libby Morris
Freddie And The Deamers
The Kessler Twins
Michael Allport & Jennifer
Dubsky's Football Dogs
The Flying Armors
Robert Bros.Boxing Kangaroos
The Trumpeters Of Krieller Hall
13/10/1966 Exists
Alan Sherman
Linda Bennett
The Zombies
The Herculeans
Alma Paia
Moni The Elephant
The Three Ghezzis
The Three Ghezzis
The Band Of The Grenadier Gauards
20/10/1966 Exists
Tony Randall
Shari Lewis
The Searchers
Baily Fossett's Elephants with Ivor Rosaire
The Feller Boys And Dudo
Michelle And Michael
Derrio Alzanis
Malika And Mills
The Band Of H.M Royal Marines(Portsmouth)
03/11/1966 Missing
Jimmy Dean
Anita Gilletle
The Joy Strings
Hugh Forgie & Company
The Benneweis Animals
Diane Shelton
The Flying Leotaris
The 73rd Company Of The London Boys Brigade
10/11/1966 Exists
Trini Lopez
Enzo Stuarti
The Dave Clark Five
The Charlie Caroli Clowns
Richiardi Junior
Robert Brother's Lions
Les Medinos
17/11/1966 Missing
Eddie Albert
Nancy Sinatra
Paul & Barry Ryan
The Elwardos
Hoppe's Comedy Mule
Les Chabris
Mendez & Seitz
24/11/1966 Missing

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The entire run of The Hippodrome Show exists in US TV heritage collections such as those in Chicago and the Library of Congress. According to Chris Perry of Kaleidescope, "only the copyright holder can request a copy and since A-R is no more that wont happen. I believe the Chicago Museum set are in colour as well."

The A-R copyright holders in this country have indicated they do not wish to pursue the matter since it is very costly to get the material back to the UK, and then even costlier to clear for re-use.

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