The British TV Missing Episodes Index

  MENACE [BBC, 1970-73]
Menace was a series of twenty-three plays running to seventy-five-minutes which found their basis in the aspects, perceptions and representations of menace in various settings in and around the villages, townships and cities of the United Kingdom.

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Straight And Narrow 29/09/1970 Missing
Good Morning, Yesterday! 06/10/1970 Missing
Crack-up 13/10/1970 Missing
Inheritance 20/10/1970 Missing
The Millicent Sisters, Edward De Bruno And Ruth: Where Are They Now? 27/10/1970 Missing
Man With A Mission 03/11/1970 Exists
Killing Time 10/11/1970 Exists
Trespasser 17/11/1970 Missing
Something Cries Out 24/11/1970 Missing
Nine Bean Rows 01/12/1970 Missing
Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed? 08/12/1970 Missing
The Elimination 15/12/1970 Missing
The Innocent 22/12/1970 Missing
Judas Goat 22/03/1973 Missing
Pick Up 29/03/1973 Missing
The Haunting 05/04/1973 Missing
The Sitting Tenant 12/04/1973 Missing
Valentine 9/04/1973 Missing
Tom 26/04/1973 Missing
Deliver Us From Evil 03/05/1973 Missing
Comfortable Words 17/05/1973 Missing
The Solarium 24/05/1973 Missing
Boys And Girls Come Out To Play 31/05/1973 Missing

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