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  NOT ONLY...BUT ALSO [BBC TV 1965-71]

Series 1

Featuring Date of Transmission Missing Segments
Diahann Carroll
John Lennon
Norman Rossington
09/01/1965 All Exists
Barry Humphries
Goldie And The Gingerbreads
23/01/1965 All Exists
Joe Melia
John Wells
Bill Wallis
06/02/1965 All Exists
Barry Humphries 20/02/1965 All Exists
Mel Torme 06/03/1965 Pete & Dud On The Bus (missing)
Canvassing Dracula1
Mel Torme
(Lime House Blues
My One And Only Highland Fling,
Dat Der Daddy)
Peter Sellers
T-Bone Walker
20/03/1965 All Exists
Eric Sykes
John Bluthal
03/04/1965 The Grand Order Of The Bull
Pete And Dud On Religion2
The Making Of A B-Movie
Blossom Dearie (I Wish You Love)
Dudley Moore Trio (Baubles Bangles & Beads)

Series 2

Featuring Date of Transmission Missing Segments
Cilla Black
Henry Cooper
15/01/1966 All Exists
Alan Freeman
Dakota Stanton
22/01/1966 Scottish Opening
Pete And Dud - Diseases
The Most Boring Man In The World Competition
Six Of The Best
Dakota Station
(High On A Windy Valley, Morning Glory)
  29/01/1966 Court Jester Opening
Italian Restaurant
Ol' Man River3
Blue Movie
Pete and Dud - Music
Blossom Dearie - You Turn Me On Baby
Dudley Moore Trio - Softly As In The Morning Rise
  05/02/1966 Pete and Dud At The Seaside
The Frog And Peach
Emil Lancey - If I Were A Bell, Rainy Day
Cook and Moore - Isn't She A Sweetie
Dionne Warwick 12/06/1966 Monk Opening
The Psychiatrist
The Epic That Never Was
Father And Son
Dionne Warwick - Walk On By, Unchained Melody
Dusty Springfield
T-Bone Walker
19/06/1966 The Music Teacher
Pete And Dud - Sex
Dudley Moore Trio - Summertime
Dusty Springfield - Wives And Lovers
Marian Montogomery 26/06/1966 All Exists

Christmas Special

Featuring Date of Transmission Missing Segments
John Lennon
26/12/1966 Missing 4-5 minutes

Series 3

Featuring Date of Transmission Missing Segments
Spike Milligan 18/02/1970 Pete And Dud - Dud Dreams (aka The Wardrobe)
The Piano Tuner
Spike Milligan (On The Ning-Nang Nong)
Willy Rushdon 04/03/1970 Lavatory Opening
Too Many Tits And Bums
Pete & Dud - 00Dud
Joe Cocker & The Grease Band
Barry Humphries 18/03/1970 Train Conductor Opening
The World Of Worms
Pete And Dud - Racial Prejudice
Michael Chapman (Musical Item)
In The Club
Frank Muir 01/04/1970 Permission To Marry
Alan Price (Musical Item)
Pete And Dud On The Futility Of Life
Ronnie Barker 15/04/1970 Flowers Opening
Undercover Doctor
Pete And Dud - Writing A Blockbuster
Unknown Musical Item
Dennis Norden 29/04/1970 Newspaper Conman
Arrival (Musical Number)
Pete And Dud As Nature Intended
Alan Bennett 13/05/1970 Lunch Party
Pete And Dud Art and Sex
John Williams (Musical Item)


Nanette Workman and The Dudley Moore Trio appeared in every episode of season 3.

1. Survives only as mute film sequences
2. Sketch survives in audio only as Decca album release.
3. This sketch were Dudley enters a shower blacked up singing in a deep bass voice and comes out white singing in a falsetto, was featured in BBC2's The Best Of What's Left Of Not Only But Also series. However that version, in colour, was taken from a filmed sequence for the Cook and Moore stage show Behind The Fridge, rather than the one from this show, which has been wiped.
4. The beginning and end of the Ludwig sketch where pre-filmed and so survive, the centre of the sketch was performed in the studio and has been wiped.


Featuring Date of Transmission Missing Segments
Barry Humphries
The Dudley Moore Trio
18/06/1971 All exists (30 min.)
Barry Humphries
The Dudley Moore Trio
25/06/1971 All exists (35 min.)


There were only two episodes of this series produced. Both exist in their entirety, although the last 10 minutes of the last episode were reconstructed from filmed inserts and off-air audio and are missing their original end credits.

Goodbye Again (ATV, 1968)

Featuring Date of Transmission Missing Segments
Ike & Tina Turner
18/08/1968 All exists B/W ONLY
Julie Driscoll & Trinity
24/08/1968 All exists B/W ONLY
Georgie Fame
Selena Jones
18/09/1968 All exists B/W ONLY
Mel Torme 03/08/1969 All exists B/W ONLY


Produced in colour, now only available in black and white. Filmed inserts are still in colour.

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