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   OUT OF THE UNKNOWN [BBC, 1965-71]

Season 1
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status Extracts?
No Place Like Earth 04/10/1965 Exists N/A
The Counterfeit Man 11/10/1965 Exists N/A
Stranger In The Family 18/10/1965 Exists N/A
The Dead Past 25/10/1965 Exists N/A
Time In Advance 01/11/1965 Exists N/A
Come Buttercup, Come Daisy, Come...? 08/11/1965 Exists N/A
Sucker Bait 15/11/1965 Exists N/A
The Fox And The Forest 22/11/1965 Missing None
Andover And The Android1 29/11/1965 Missing None
Some Lapse Of Time 06/12/1965 Exists N/A
Thirteen To Centaurus 13/12/1965 Exists N/A
The Midas Plague 20/12/1965 Exists N/A

Season 2
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status Extracts?
The Machine Stops 06/10/1966 Exists N/A
Frankenstein Mk II 13/10/1966 Missing None
Lambda 1 20/10/1966 Exists N/A
Level Seven 27/10/1966 Exists N/A
Second Childhood 10/11/1966 Missing Missing
The World In Silence 17/11/1966 Missing None
The Bye 24/11/1966 Missing None
Tunnel Under The World 01/12/1966 Exists N/A
The Fastest Draw 08/12/1966 Missing None
Too Many Cooks 12/03/1969 Missing None
Walk's End 19/03/1969 Missing None
Satisfaction Guaranteed 26/03/1969 Missing 1 Minute
The Prophet 02/04/1969 Missing None

Season 3
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status Extracts?
Immortality Inc 07/01/1969 Missing None
Liar! 14/01/1969 Missing B&W Clips only
The Last Lonely Man 21/01/1969 Exists N/A
Beachhead 28/01/1969 Missing None
Something In The Cellar 04/02/1969 Missing Missing
Random Quest 11/02/1969 Missing None
The Naked Sun 18/02/1969 Missing None
The Little Black Bag 25/02/1969 Incomplete Second half
minus last 30 secs
1 + 1 = 1/5 04/03/1969 Missing None
The Fosters 11/03/1969 Missing None
Target Generation 18/03/1969 Missing None
The Yellow Pill 25/03/1969 Missing None
Get Off My Cloud 12/04/1969 Missing None

Season 4
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status Extracts?
Taste Of Evil 21/04/1971 Missing None
To Lay A Ghost 28/04/1971 Exists N/A
This Body Is Mine 05/05/1971 Exists N/A
Deathday 12/05/1971 Exists N/A
The Sons And Daughters Of Tomorrow 19/05/1971 Missing Missing
Welcome Home 26/05/1971 Exists N/A
The Last Witness 02/06/1971 Missing None
The Man In My Head 09/06/1971 Exists N/A
The Chopper 16/06/1971 Missing None
The Uninvited 23/06/1971 Missing None
The Shattered Eye 30/06/1971 Missing None

(1) Repeated on BBC-1 on 29.12.65 off 16mm B/W F/R as 'Andover And The Android', not as episode of 'Out Of The Unknown'
(2) Series 1 & 2 were filmed in black and white; subsequent series were in colour.

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