The British TV Missing Episodes Index


Season 1
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Dumb Martian 24/06/1962 Missing
The Yellow Pill 30/06/1962 Missing
Little Lost Robot 07/07/1962 Exists
Cold Equations 14/07/1962 Missing
Imposter 21/07/1962 Missing
Botany Bay 28/07/1962 Missing
Medicine Show 04/08/1962 Missing
Pictures Don't Lie 11/08/1962 Missing
The Vanishing Act 18/08/1962 Missing
Divided We Fall 25/08/1962 Missing
The Dark Star 01/09/1962 Missing
Immigrant 08/09/1962 Missing
Target Generation 15/09/1962 Missing
The Tycoons 22/09/1962 Missing


'Dumb Martian' was made for Out of This World but broadcast as part of Armchair Theatre
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