The British TV Missing Episodes Index

Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Captain Art Thou Sleeping There Above? 16/07/1964Missing
Come Out Lieutenant Ross Whoever You Are 23/07/1964Missing
An Officer And A Gentleman 30/07/1964Missing
The Sea Does Not Want Them 06/08/1964Missing
I Don't Know The Name And The Face Escapes Me 13/08/1964Missing
It'll Come Out In The Wash 20/08/1964Missing
You'll Get No Promotion This Side Of The Ocean 27/08/1964Missing
Call Me Madam And I'll Punch You On The Nose 03/09/1964Missing
Don't Fire That Man, He's Loaded 10/09/1964Missing
You Have Been Listening To Radio Paradise 17/09/1964Missing
And A Happy Bastille Day To You Too 24/09/1964Missing
In Which We Serve A Drop Of The Hard Stuff 01/10/1964Missing
Mutiny On The Boonsey 06/10/1964Missing
Having A Wonderful Time Glad You're Not Here 13/10/1964Missing
Anybody Wanna Buy An Island 19/10/1964Missing
Thar's Gold In Them Thar Holes 20/10/1964Missing
Twas On The Good Ship Venus 21/10/1964Missing
Our Man On Boonsey 22/10/1964Missing
There Is No Excuse For Shipshod Paperwork 23/10/1964Missing
What Am I Bid For This Lot? 26/10/1964Missing
How To Try In Business Without Really Succeeding 27/10/1964Missing
Let That Be A Four-Minute Warning To You 28/10/1964Missing
Hail Lieutenant Hathaway And Farewell 29/10/1964Missing
The Great Brain Robbery 30/10/1964Missing
HMS Paradise Meets HMS Eagle 24/12/1964Missing
This Side Up Use No Hooks 31/12/1964Missing

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