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  a message from the bbc
From Paul Fiander
Head of BBC Information and Archives.

I know there has been some correspondence on this site regarding the BBC’s attitude to returned video and audio tapes transmitted in the past by the BBC.

As the instigator of the BBC’s ‘Treasure Hunt’ I would like to reassure anyone who would wish to donate BBC transmitted material back to the BBC, that the only response they would get would be one of gratitude, as well as a personal copy transferred on to a modern format.

I do not want to go over the reasons for this material not being in the archive in the first place, we have all heard that a number of times before. However, we genuinely would like to fill in some of the gaps in the BBC Archive.

There is a large appetite amongst BBC programme makers to make new tv and radio programmes using some of the lost material. Whilst I cannot guarantee it, I would endeavour to ensure those who return lost material get a credit at the end of the programme.


Paul Fiander
Head of BBC Information and Archives.

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