The British TV Missing Episodes Index

  POLICE SURGEON [ABC Weekend Television, 1960]
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
Easy Money 10/09/1960 Exists
Under the Influence...? 17/09/1960 Missing
Lag on the Run 24/09/1960 Missing
Smash But No Grab 01/10/1960 missing
Wilful Neglect 08/10/1960 missing
You Won't Feel A Thing 15/10/1960 missing
A Home of her Own 22/10/1960 missing
Sunday Morning Story 05/11/1960 missing
Three's A Crowd 12/11/1960 missing
Man Overboard 19/11/1960 missing
Operation Mangle 26/11/1960 missing
The Bigger They Are 03/12/1960 missing

A long-standing rumour suggests that thirteen episodes were produced for the series rather than the generally accepted figure of twelve. No evidence has ever been produced to verify this claim and, therefore, it should only be treated as rumour.

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