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The Clitheroe Kid [BBC Radio, 1956-72]
Series/Episode Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
s02e03 Mind My Bike 12/01/1959 BBC TS vinyl disc Transfer
s02e04 I Shot An Arrow in the Air 19/01/1959 BBC TS vinyl disc Transfer
s02e05 Cupid and the Black Hand Gang 26/01/1959 BBC TS vinyl disc Transfer
s02e07 Clitheroe and the Hound Dog 09/02/1959 Open Reel Mag Tape
s02e09 Girl Trouble 23/02/1959 BBC TS vinyl disc Transfer
s02e10 The Trouble with Higginbottom 02/03/1959 BBC TS vinyl disc Transfer
s03ee01 The Tale of a Cat 04/04/1959 BBC TS vinyl disc Transfer
s04e09 The Keyhole Kid 17/04/1961 Open Reel Mag Tape
s07e08 A Load of Chinese Junk 29/12/1963 Open Reel Mag Tape
s07e13 One Hundred Not Out 02/02/1964 Open Reel Mag Tape
s08e04 James The Little Gentleman 08/11/1964 Edited Transcription Services disc
s08e06 One Jump Behind 22/11/1964 Edited Transcription Services disc
s08e08 The Kid Makes History 06/12/1964 Edited Transcription Services disc
s08e11 Double Trouble 27/12/1964 Edited Transcription Services disc
s08e14 Help, It's A Girl 17/01/1965 Edited Transcription Services disc
s08e20 It's All in the Mind 28/02/1965 Edited Transcription Services disc
s09e04 The Evils of Tomato Juice 31/10/1965 Open Reel Mag Tape
s09e05 Another Mother for Ozzie 07/11/1965 Edited Transcription Services disc
s09e09 The Case of the Crooked Parson 05/12/1965 Edited Transcription Services disc
s09e11 English as She is Spoke 19/12/1965 Edited Transcription Services disc
s09e19 Sliding Into Trouble 13/02/1966 Edited Transcription Services disc
s10e07 As Advertised on the Telly 13/11/1966 Open Reel Mag Tape
s10e17 The Prize Fool 22/01/1967 Edited Transcription Services disc
s10e20 Nothing Like Music 12/02/1967 Edited Transcription Services disc
s10e26 Beware of the Bike 26/03/1967 Edited Transcription Services disc
s11e02 Beware of the Neighbour 08/10/1967 Open Reel Mag Tape
s11e03 Robin Jim and His Merry Men 15/10/1967 Edited Transcription Services disc
s11e11 Have Snake, Must Travel 10/12/1967 Edited Transcription Services disc
s11e13 Its A Gift 24/12/1967 Edited Transcription Services disc
s11e16 For Love And Money 14/01/1968 Edited Transcription Services disc
s12e05 Spots of Bother 10/11/1968 Open Reel Mag Tape
s12e09 Stop The Wedding I Want To Get Off 08/12/1968 Open Reel Mag Tape
s12e10 Half Nelson Half Alfie 15/12/1968 Edited Transcription Services disc
s12e15 A Love-in Has Been Arranged 19/01/1969 Edited Transcription Services disc
s12e18 Two Sides To Every Story 19/02/1969 Edited Transcription Services disc
s13e04 Any More For The Beach? 07/09/1969 Open Reel Mag Tape
s13e07 Never Believe What You Hear 28/09/1969 Edited Transcription Services disc
s13e10 Someone Somewhere Wants A Letter 19/10/1969 Edited Transcription Services disc
s13e16 Tickets For The Punch Up 30/11/1969 Edited Transcription Services disc
s13e18 Heat The Test Tube And Run 14/12/1969 Edited Transcription Services disc
s14e07 A Funny Thing Happened at the Fair 28/06/1970 Open Reel Mag Tape
s14e10 Seated One Day At The Movies 19/07/1970 Edited Transcription Services disc
s14e11 Once More into the Vicarage 26/07/1970 Open Reel Mag Tape
s014e15 The Best of Birthday Luck 23/08/1970 Open Reel Mag Tape
s14e19 A Touch of Competition Fever 20/09/1970 Open Reel Mag Tape
s15e10 In At The Deep End 06/06/1971 Edited Transcription Services disc
s16e02 Why Mothers Leave Home 28/05/1972 Edited Transcription Services disc
s16e03 The Day That The Funfair Hit Town 04/06/1972 Edited Transcription Services disc
s16e09 A Far, Far Better School I Go To 16/07/1972 Open Reel Mag Tape

NB Professional recordings only listed. All other episodes are officially missing.

An additional 2 programmes (possibly duplicates of TS recordings held by BBC Worldwide) are held by Radio NZ.

Thanks to Stephen Poppitt & Sandra Skuse of Jimmy Clitheroe: The Kid Himself for details of the archival holdings

The Men from the Ministry [BBC Radio, 1962-77]
Series/Episode Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
s01/ep09 The Magic Carpet 25/12/1962 Missing
s01/ep12 Problem In The Park 15/01/1963 Missing
s01/ep13 The End Of The Road 22/01/1963 Missing
Special A Present For Norman 24/12/1964 Missing
s02/ep01 Pirates Of Lakeview Reservoir 25/07/1965 End Missing
s02/ep03 The Trouble With Cecil 08/08/1965 End Missing
s02/ep01 Mahboni Lies Over The Ocean 15/08/1965 End Incomplete
s02/ep05 The Man Who Made It Rain 22/08/1965 End Missing
s02/ep08 The Butcher Of Glensporran 12/09/1965 End Incomplete
s02/ep09 Counter Spies 19/09/1965 End Missing
s02/ep13 The Day The Martians Came 17/10/1965 End Missing
s03/ep01 Rebel In Regents Park 11/12/1966 Missing
s03/ep02 A Terrifying Weapon 18/12/1966 End Missing
s03/ep07 A Gift For Sir Gregory 22/01/1967 Poor quality/End missing
s03/ep08 A Whitehall Circus 22/01/1963 Missing
S03/ep10 Getting The Bird 12/02/1967 Intro Music and end missing
s03/ep14 The Fastest Ship In The World 12/03/1967 End Missing
s04/ep05 Up The Poll 17/03/1968 Missing
s04/ep07 Dam Nuisance 31/03/1968 Missing
s04/ep11 Out Of This World 28/04/1968 Intro Music Missing
s04/ep13 What Has Four Wheels And Flies ? 12/05/1968 Missing
s05/ep01 A Rotten System 25/03/1969 Poor quality/End missing
s05/ep02 A Brush With An Old Master 01/04/1969 Poor quality/End missing
s05/ep03 All Play And No Work 08/04/1969 Poor quality/End missing
s05/ep04 A Sticky Business 15/04/1969 Poor Quality
s05/ep05 The Home-Brewed Non-Vintage Bomb 22/04/1969 Missing
s06/ep08 Miss Chatterlys Lover 18/08/1970 Poor Quality
s06/ep09 The Pudding From Outer Space 25/08/1970 Missing
s07/ep02 Up Up And Away 05/08/1971 Missing
s07/ep06 Rotten To The Corps 02/09/1971 Intro music missing
s07/ep10 Gone To Pot 18/08/1970 End Missing
s08/ep04 Sorry, Wrong Number 01/08/1972 End Missing
s08/ep05 The Desk Job 09/08/1972 End Missing
s10/ep03 Great Guns 01/07/1974 End Missing
s10/ep05 One Mans Meat 15/07/1974 Missing
s10/ep06 Ballet Nuisance 22/07/1974 End Missing
s10/ep08 A Break For Sir Gregory 05/08/1974 Missing

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The Navy Lark [BBC Radio, 1959-77]
Series/Episode Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
S04E18 The Cornish Exercise 12/01/1962 Missing

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The TV Lark [BBC Radio, 1963]
Series/Episode Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
S01E09 The Top Secret Rocket Trials 22/03/1963 Missing

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