The British TV Missing Episodes Index

   SOFTLY, SOFTLY [BBC, 1966-69]
   NB Missing episodes only
Series 1

Episode Title Dates of Transmission Archival Status
Off Beat 05/01/1966 Missing
The Local Touch 12/01/1966 Missing
The Misinformer 19.01.1966 Missing
Talk To Me 02/02/1966 Missing
Screws And Drivers 09/02/1966 Missing
Take Over 16/02/1966 Missing
Over Take... 23/02/1966 Missing
Don`t Push Too Hard 02/03/1966 Missing
The Key 09/03/1966 Missing
Tickle On Wheels 16/03/1966 Missing
A Spot Of Leave 23/03/1966 Missing
Blind Man's Bluff 06/04/1966 Missing
All The Flowers 13/04/1966 Missing
Do You Belive In Ghosts? 20/04/1966 Missing
There`s A Lot Of It About 27/04/1966 Missing
The Gentle Touch 04/05/1966 Missing
The Short Cut 11/05/1966 Missing
Made In Britain 18/05/1966 Missing
Round Trip 25/05/1966 Missing
Extraction 01/06/1966 Missing
Best Out Of Three 08/06/1966 Missing
I Know What I Said 15/06/1966 Missing
Conspiracy 1:To Rob 22/06/1966 Missing
Conspiracy 2:To Corrupt 29/06/1966 Missing

Series 2

Episode Title Dates of Transmission Archival Status
Inside Out 02/11/1966 Missing
All That Glitters 09/11/1966 Missing
The Jackpot 16/11/1966 Missing
Murder Reported 23/11/1966 Missing
Heart Of Brass 07/12/1966 Missing
Barlow Was There 1:Allegation 21/12/1966 Missing
Barlow Was There 2:Enquiry 28/12/1966 Missing
Barlow Was There 3:Mischief 04/01/1967 Missing
Sing A Song Of Friendship 11/01/1967 Missing
James McNeill,Aged 23 18/01/1967 Missing
The Next Voice You Hear 25/01/1967 Missing
An Eye For An Eye 01/02/1967 Missing
What Colour A Wolf? 08/02/1967 Missing
Somebody Important 15/02/1967 Missing
The Informant 1:Rough Justice 22/02/1967 Missing
The Informant 2:The Man Inside 01/03/1967 Missing
The Same The Whole World Over 08/03/1967 Missing
Selection 15/03/1967 Missing
Appointment In Wyvern 22/03/1967 Missing
The Investors 29/03/1967 Missing
A Piece Of Waste Ground 05/04/1967 Missing
Proof Positive 12/04/1967 Missing
Cash On Delivery 19/04/1967 Missing
On The Side Of The Law 26/04/1967 Missing
The Linkman 03/05/1967 Missing
Blackitt's Round 10/05/1967 Missing
See You Tomorrow 17/05/1967 Missing
The Hole 1:In The Road 24/05/1967 Missing
The Hole 2:In The Head 31/05/1967 Missing

Series 3

Episode Title Dates of Transmission Archival Status
The Target 1:Sighted 04/10/1967 Missing
The Target 2:Point Blank 11/10/1967 Missing
Material Evidence 18/10/1967 Missing
Pieces Of Silver 25/10/1967 Missing
Something Unusual 08/11/1967 Missing
Never Forget A Face 15/11/1967 Missing
Inducement 22/11/1967 Missing
The Mind Of The Beholder 29/11/1967 Missing
Measure Of Tolerance 13/12/1967 Missing
Who`s Mr/Smith? 20/12/1967 Missing
Cause Of Death 04/01/1968 Missing
In Bulk 11/01/1968 Missing
Complaint 18/01/1968 Missing
Major Incident 01/02/1968 Missing
Quicker By Rail 08/02/1968 Missing
The Good Girl 15/02/1968 Missing
Identity Unknown 22/02/1968 Missing
Finger Of Suspicion 07/03/1968 Missing
If I Can Help Somebody 14/03/1968 Missing
Don`t Tell Me,Let Me Guess 21/03/1968 Missing
Fortune On The Move 1:Payment 28/03/1968 Missing
Fortune On The Move 2:Refund 04/04/1968 Missing

Series 4

Episode Title Dates of Transmission Archival Status
Proof 19/09/1968 Missing
Bird Of Passage 26/09/1968 Missing
See The Rabbit 03/10/1968 Missing
Minor Incident 31/10/1968 Missing
Big Boats,Little Boats 14/11/1968 Missing

Series 5

Episode Title Dates of Transmission Archival Status
Recovery 11/09/1969 Missing
Flash Point 18/09/1969 Missing
One Thing Leads To Another 16/10/1969 Missing
General Post 23/10/1969 Missing
Wild Goose 30/10/1969 Missing
We Shall Miss You 06/11/1969 Missing
Write Off 13/11/1969 Missing

NOTES: Clips of some episodes of Softly, Softly do survive (e.g. in the 04/02/68 edition of the magazine show Talkback, presented by David COLEMAN, there is a discussion on 'Softly Softly' featuring clips totally 34 seconds from 'Major Incident'). All of its sequel, Softly Softly: Taskforce survives.

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