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  Till Death Us Do Part episode, 'Football' Recovered
A long-lost episode of Johnny Speight's classic BBC sitcom Till Death Us Do Part has been recovered and returned to the BBC.

The show, transmitted between 1965 and 1975, was one of the most important in television history. Conceived as a rival to Coronation Street, Till Death Us Do Part introduced the world to the monstrous, bigoted, right wing Alf Garnett, played brilliantly by Warren Mitchell; his vegetating wife Else (Dandy Nichols); the equally obnoxious left wing son-in-law Mike (Anthony Booth, Tony Blair's father-in-law); and the giggly, charming daughter Rita (played by Una Stubbs). Despite endless controversy, most famously involving Mrs Mary Whitehouse, Till Death was consistently top of the viewing figures during its ten year run.

Intolerance (trans. 11/07/1966)

"Alf’s racist outbursts lead to his receiving a black eye at a cup final match in Scotland"
Previously only extant in the form of 8 minutes of footage, largely from the final third of the show, the now complete episode came to light after Mr Arnie Spence discovered a 16mm film copy in his father's film collection.

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