The British TV Missing Episodes Index

   TIMESLIP [ATV 1970-71]

Season 1
Episode Title Date of Transmission Archival Status
The Wrong End of Time 28/09/1970-02/11/1970 Exists [B&W only]
The Time of the Ice Box 09/11/1970-07/11/1970 Exists [Eps 1-5 B&W only]
The Year of the Burn Up 21/11/1970-25/01/1971 Exists [Eps 1-6 B&W only]

Parts 7 and 8 of 'Year of the Burn Up' and all of the fourth serial except episode 6, 'Day of the Clone' were filmed in black and white due to industrial action and are, consequently, held in their correct format in the archives.

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