The British TV Missing Episodes Index

  • Dad's Army
2 b/w episodes from the second season of the popular comedy.

Operation Kilt (01-03-69) in which the Home Guard take on a Highland regiment in manoeuvres with the aid of a pantomime cow.
The Battle For Goddfrey's Cottage (08-03-69) where the troop mistakenly think that the Germans have invaded.

  • Benny Hill - Portrait of a Bridegroom 23-2-62
First episode from Benny Hill series of individual sitcoms.

The comic played several versions of the bridegroom as seen through the eyes of different wedding guests.
Una Stubbs, June Whitfield and Patricia Haynes co-star.

  • All Gas And Gaiters
The 1966 Comedy Playhouse (The Bishop Rides Again 17-5-66) and a 1967 episode (The Bishop Sees A Ghost 21-2-67) of this fondly remembered comedy starring Derek Nimmo as a curate.
  • Till Death Us Do Part 1968 & 1970
The Phone (5-1-68) and clips of Aunt Maud from 1968. Up the Polls (18-6-70), a 1970 election night special featuring Eric Sykes and Spike Milligan as a Pakistani alongside Warren Mitchell as Alf Garnett. It was found on an early home television recordings from long-obsolete equipment and posed a challenge for the collector to recover the pictures.
  • Not Only...But Also 1971
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore In Australia
The second episode of the Australian co-production, unfortunately the last 2 sketches are absent.
  • Juke Box Jury (Audio Only) 1963
A programme hijacked by the Beatles. The group rate current singles like Elvis Presley I dont like the songs now, Paul McCartney can be heard saying under a wall of audience screams. A viewer handed in a reel-to-reel audio tape, but the beeb believe that silent film of the episode exists and hope to reunite the two.
  • Excised Material Returned from the Australian Censor
Clips from Z Cars, Softly Softly, Dr Finlay's Casebook, The Likely Lads and Out of the Unknown

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