The British TV Missing Episodes Index

Activity Date of Transmission Archival Status
13/01/1965Sir Jocelyn, The Minister Would Like A WordMissing
20/01/1965The NavigatorsMissing
03/02/1965Dan, Dan The Charity ManMissing
17/02/1965Wear A Very Big HatMissing
24/02/1965The Confidence CourseMissing
03/03/1965Campaign For OneMissing
24/03/1965Moving OnMissing
31/03/1965Cat's CradleMissing
28/04/1965The Good Shoemaker And The Poor Fish PeddlerMissing
05/05/1965Cemented With LoveMissing
12/05/1965A Knight in Tarnished ArmourMissing
26/05/1965For The WestMissing
09/06/1965The Man Without PapersIncomplete
16/06/1965The PistolMissing
30/06/1965The Seven O'Clock CrunchMissing
20/10/1965The Girl Who Loved RobotsMissing
27/10/1965A Designing WomanMissing
05/01/1966The Bone YardMissing
19/01/1966Rodney, Our Intrepid HerMissing
16/02/1966A Game-Like-Only A GameMissing
23/02/1966Why Aren't You Famous?Missing
09/03/1966A Walk In The SeaMissing
23/03/1966Barlowe Of The Car ParkMissing
27/04/1966A Cheery SoulMissing
18/05/1966Ape And EssenceMissing
01/06/1966The ExecutionerMissing
15/06/1966A Soiree At Blossom's HotelMissing
19/10/1966A Piece Of ResistanceMissing
09/11/1966The Head WaiterMissing
23/11/1966The Private TutorMissing
30/11/1966A Pyre For Private JamesMissing
07/12/1966A Tale Of TwWivesMissing
14/12/1966Little Master MindMissing
04/01/1967Person To PersonMissing
11/01/1967The Largest Theatre In The WorldMissing
18/01/1967The OrderMissing
25/01/1967Everybody's Rich Except UsMissing
08/02/1967'Who's Going TTake Me On?'Missing
15/02/1967Death Of A Teddy BearMissing
22/02/1967Days In The TreesMissing
08/03/1967Another Day, Another DollarIncomplete
15/03/1967Public InquiryMissing
22/03/1967A Crucial Week In The Life Of A Grocer's AssistantMissing
29/03/1967A Breach In The WallMissing
05/04/1967The Voices In The ParkMissing
12/04/1967Dismissal Leading TLustfulnessMissing
19/04/1967A Brilliant Future Behind HimMissing
03/05/1967Message For PosterityMissing
10/05/1967A Way With The LadiesMissing
17/05/1967The PlaygroundMissing
11/10/1967Sleeping DogMissing
18/10/1967Wanted: Single GentlemanMissing
25/10/1967A Black Candle For Mrs GogartyMissing
08/11/1967The Devil A Monk Wou'd BeMissing
15/11/1967Fall Of The GoatMissing
22/11/1967The Profile Of A GentlemanIncomplete
29/11/1967Dial Rudolph ValentinOne OneMissing
06/12/1967Kippers And CurtainsMissing
27/12/1967The Fat Of The LandMissing
17/01/1968Jamie, On A Flying VisitMissing
24/01/1968Monsieur BarnettMissing
31/01/1968The Drummer And The BlokeMissing
07/02/1968Rebel In The GraveMissing
03/04/1968Light BlueMissing
01/05/1968The Man Behind YouMissing
08/05/1968Infidelity Took PlaceMissing
11/09/1968A Night With Mrs/ Da TankaMissing
25/09/1968Anyone For Tennis?Missing
02/10/1968Mooney And His CaravansMissing
09/10/1968The Lower LargSequenceMissing
16/10/1968Hello, Good Evening, And WelcomeMissing
30/10/1968A Bit Of Crucifixion, FatherMissing
06/11/1968Nothing Will Be The Same AgainMissing
08/01/1969The Fabulous FrumpMissing
15/01/1969Smoke ScreenMissing
22/01/1969Dr/ Aitkinson's DaughterMissing
29/01/1969The ApprenticesMissing
26/02/1969A Serpent In PutneyMissing
05/03/1969Bam! Pow! Zapp!Missing
09/04/1969A Child And A HalfMissing
23/04/1969The ExilesMissing
30/04/1969Blodwen, Home From Rachel's MarriageMissing
08/10/1969Patterson O/K/Missing
22/10/1969Close The Coalhouse DoorMissing
29/10/1969The Sad Decline Of Arthur MayburyMissing
05/11/1969All Out For KangaroValleyMissing
19/11/1969There Is AlsTomorrowMissing
03/12/1969Blood Of The LambMissing
17/12/1969It Wasn't MeMissing
28/01/1970Rest In Peace, Uncle FredMissing
18/02/1970The Italian TableMissing
15/04/1970Wine Of IndiaMissing


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